2-Year-Old Chef That Teaches How to Cook Goes Viral on TikTok

A two-year-old chef that teaches to cook goes viral on TikTok. While most toddlers love eating pasta, cereal, bread, or fruit, this young chef prefers roasted potatoes, filet mignon, and a rack of lamb on his plate.

When Ilirian Kameraj was less than one-year-old, he already fell in love with baking. He was so eager to learn how to cook when one of his favorite YouTube channels aired. While watching "Blippi," Ilirian saw that Lior the Baker taught his audience how to bake bread and other pastries.

Teaches people how to cook

With the support of his parents, who helped him run his Instagram and TikTok accounts, the toddler teaches other people how to cook. Dorentina Kameraj, the little boy's mom, told "TODAY Food" that they started making cupcakes.

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Soon, her son eventually learned how to cook roasted chicken. Although her son became successful in cooking, Dorentina explained that they did not do it to impress her son's followers. She noted she just wanted to keep the little boy busy and happy, so she let him do a routine activity.

Started by baking cupcakes

Since the family stayed at home due to the pandemic, they had many more cooking days. In March, the mom started posting videos of her and her son baking cupcakes on her Instagram. After seeing Ilirian cracked eggs impeccably, Dorentina's friends urged her to create an account featuring her son's cooking.

The doting mom created her son's Instagram in May, and then she created a TikTok account in October. Now, Ilirian has more than 30,000 Instagram followers and more than 346,000 TikTok followers.

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One month after she first posted the video, Dorentina posted her son teaching how to make one of his favorite dishes. The video that demonstrated how to cook a whole-roasted chicken has already garnered 1.5 million views.

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Dorentina said that they had made the recipe four times already, adding that Ilirian does not like "kid food" such as mac and cheese. Ilirian not only loves massaging and marinating the chicken, but he also loves stuffing it.

Wants her son to get hands-on experience

The mom, who once worked at a Montessori school as an assistant, wants to develop her child's kitchen skills. However, even though she wants Ilirian to get hands-on experience with preparing his food, she makes sure to keep her son safe at all times.

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Dorentina explained that she has seen how capable kids are after seeing two-year-olds cut their bananas using plastic slicers. She noted that many parents do not let their children try stuff not knowing they could do so much.

Although she still does not allow Ilirian to use knives for chopping, she does let him whisks using a hand-held mixer. She also lets him mash things with a mallet and pick things up using tongs. The doting mom has also taught her child to use a vegetable chopper, which has become Ilirian's new obsession.

Dorentina has also taught Ilirian to make sure to wash his hands after handling raw meat. She said that now her son is getting older, he understands more than ever.

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