Kids and Weddings: Tips to Keep the Tots Entertained

Bringing kids to weddings is one of the hardest things to do as parents. Although you know your kiddos at heart, you would not know if they would suddenly meltdown in the middle of the mass or worse they could destroy someone else's big day. To save your face, here are tips to keep your kids at weddings entertained

Give treats or something to look forward to

Children who are either hungry, excited, upset, or just want their parents' attention would show it through actions. Give them treats that are clear or white to avoid staining their attire. You could promise to give them gummy bears or marshmallows once the bride has marched into the altar. 

Provide writing or coloring materials

Keep your kids entertained with tabletop activities during a long dinner. Cover the table with white butcher paper and give them crayons to bring out their creativity. 

Hire professional childcare

You could hire babysitters to make sure that your little ones do not smash the wedding cake. Caretakers could handle everything from activities to watching a movie or a walk in the park. 

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Arrange a game room

If you find a play space in the reception area, turn it into a game room by bringing toys. A hotel or a country club would already have all the equipment you need to keep your kids busy. Set up activities if there are fields for the kids to play. 

Make a craft room

Younger children could benefit if you could turn an area into a crafts and arts space. Have the little ones create beadworks or cute signs that they could offer to the newlywedded couple. They could even decorate their picture frames where they could insert their photos taken during the wedding. 

Hire an entertainer

Professional entertainers could help keep your children on their seats if your budget permits. You could hire a fortune teller, clown, magician, storyteller, or caricature artist to make sure that the young kids would not get bored during the party. 

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Try to stagger the meals 

Divide the dinner meals of adults and children into two. Allow the children to help themselves during a buffet so adults could have time for hors d'oeuvres. After the kids have eaten, they could move to the art or play space you created so their parents could still have time to bond. 

kids at weddings, tips to keep the tots entertained, tips to keep children entertained, during weddings, bringing kids to weddings
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Add twirly straws to their drinks

Crazy, twisty straws help keep young children entertained as they sip their favorite juice drink. Choose varied-colored straws for more fun. 

A kid-friendly playlist is a must

You could play cartoon soundtracks into their playroom to add entertainment. If you could, find dance instructors to give more delight to the young ones. 

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Set up a quiet room for naptime

Most children need naptime to regain the energy they have used up after a whole day of being outside of the home. A quiet room would allow them to take naps in between so they would wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the world again. 

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