Kate Hudson Believes She Is a Strict Mom

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Kate Hudson believes she is a strict mom. The Hollywood actress shared this to PEOPLE during her interview for the promotion of myWW+. She detailed her parenting style for her three kids.

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The strict mom

Kate Hudson said that her approach to parenting was a shock to her entire family. She even described herself as a strict mom.

The celebrity mom shared that there are certain things that she keeps strict. She said, "Where I am strict is that there are certain rules that I put down. I don't negotiate with my kids about certain things."

The 41-year-old actress said that she realized that she no longer had lengthy negotiations with her kids when she kept the strict mom standard at home. The actress said, "When I say no, it's done."

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Room for mistakes

Even though the celebrity mom says that she is a strict mom, she ensures that this is not always the case. She says that she gives her children room for mistakes. She emphasized, "When it comes to your feelings or emotions... I'm very open." Hudson also shared in an interview for Health Magazine that she is lenient in matters of the heart.

She explained, "I'm actually quite lenient as long as they're doing their part."

However, there is something that she cannot tolerate as a mom, and that is lying. She says that whether it is a big lie or a small one, she does not accept it in any way. When her kids try to tell lies, that is when she becomes a strict mom.

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WW+ and Kate Hudson's parenting

The celebrity mom said that the structure that she uses in her parenting is like that of the brand WW. She said, "You can still be a very disciplined person, but need that extra support." She said that as a parent, she gives value to development and manners.

The actress pointed out, "I think, an important part of their development, how far they can push something." She believes that how parents handle every situation plays a significant role in a child's development.

Kate Hudson's kids

The 41-year-old celebrity mom has three children. The oldest among her kids is a 16-year-old boy named Ryder Russel. Her second child is Bingham Hawn, who is now nine years old.

Kate's youngest child is a 2-year-old girl, Rani Rose.


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