Young Boy Orders More than $100 Worth of McDonald’s, Mom Was Clueless

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young boy ordered more than $100 worth of McDonald's. His mom was clueless about the order since she was at the bathroom when her son ordered thru the Australian mom's phone.

According to the story by, the mom left her son for a few minutes, and she never expected that she would be welcomed with such a surprise when she returned.

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Copying his mom

The Australian mom, Raissa Andrade, is 32 years old. She is residing in Recife, Brazil, with her 4-year-old son, Tom. She said in an interview with the news outlet, G1, that she came home from the doctor when she went straight to the bathroom and left her phone unattended.

Andrade said that her son was probably copying her order from the fast-food chain. The mom said she ordered thru the fast-food chain's mobile application during the pandemic, and her son might have seen her do it.

Receiving the orders

When the delivery was placed and delivered to the building where the family lived, Raissa was surprised. She thought that someone left it for her. However, when she received the packages, the orders were made under her name.

There were two sets of orders and were placed with only a minute of time difference.

When the Australian mom opened the orders, she saw boxes of promotional gifts for kids and milkshakes, and all orders were amounting to more than $100. That led to the hunch that it was her four-year-old son who placed the order.

The young boy admitted to placing the order - something that made Raissa laugh for almost two hours.

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An unexpected party

Because there was just too much food for the family of four, Raissa thought of inviting people to come over. She asked some of their relatives, who lived in the same building, and even other building employees to eat the $100 order with them.

All of these people thought that the story was hilarious, "... For the people in the building, who thought the story was incredible, and for me too. I ate and laughed a lot." 

Not the first time

In the interview with G1, Raissa shared that it was not the first time Tom made a transaction online. When the young boy was only one year old, he once hailed a taxi thru a mobile app. Something that Raissa had to explain to the cab driver.

Another instance was when he "accidentally" ordered açai online.

However, the mom thinks that the first two instances were an accident, and the one which just occurred was already intentional.

Lesson learned

Because of the $100 bill that the mom now has on her credit card, she has already taken measures to ensure that the same incident will no longer occur. 

She said that she removed the credit card account which was registered in the application.

Although it was quite expensive, the family believes that it was money well-spent since they had so much fun eating the food ordered by the young boy.

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