Mom Shares How to Make 23 Meals with Only $11 [and a Single Roast Chicken]

mom from the United Kingdom shares how she made 23 meals at only $11. She also specified that she used a single roast chicken for all the 23 meals in her Facebook post. A lot of moms admired her for her thriftiness and creativity in the kitchen.

The 23 meals

Some of the classic meals that the UK mom prepared were stew, pie, soup, and the classic roast chicken.

She shared her meal preparations in the Facebook group Feed Yourself for £1. In the post, the thrifty mom shared that the cost of all the 23 meals was only £8 or less than 11 US Dollars. This cost included the vegetable and the roasted chicken, which was the main ingredient in all 23 meals. She said in the post, "I thought I would share what I've made out of a large reduced price chicken this week."

At the beginning of the 23 meals

The first meal was a stuffed roast chicken. The thrifty mom said that included in the chicken meal were "roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, squash, leek and gravy." The meal was enough for three portions. 

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Next to the roasted chicken

After having stuffed roasted chicken, the mom decided to slice the chicken cold and served it with mashed potatoes and pickles. The serving made with this combination was enough for two people.

Next to the sliced cold chicken was a mushroom pie, which was made in four portions. The mom continued, "Which we had with runner beans, cauliflower, artichokes and squash."

All of the leftover meat was used by the thrifty mom to make eight rissoles.

The bones were put to fair use.

When the meat was removed from the bones, the thrifty mom decided to make chicken stock. She used this to make butternut squash soup and chicken and bean stew.

Both of the stews made four portions each.

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The cost of the 23 meals

The thrifty mom said that some of the vegetables she used were homegrown, making all of the 23 meals cost cheaper.

The mom shared that she thought all of those meals could be considered a bargain.

Netizens' reactions

Since posting this achievement, the post has already gained attention from other members of the Facebook group. According to an article from Th Sun, the post got more than 400 likes.

A lot of netizens thought that the idea was brilliant. One member of the Facebook group even said, "Well done, that all sounds fantastic. To me that is 'old fashioned' cooking at its best."

Aside from applauding the mom's creativity, other moms joked about how they can never make this happen in their home, "How the hell do u make a chicken go that far? Lol I make a dinner then a curry next day and that's it lol."

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