Mother Drops 5 Dress Sizes During Pandemic: Here's How She Did It

mother lost baby weight during the pandemic. She was able to drop five dress sizes. Her secret? She cut out her sugar and carbs and started running during the pandemic.

39-year-old Gemma Mortimer from Brackley, Northamptonshire, decided to change her lifestyle in August 2019.

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Realizing the weight gain

Before she lost weight during the pandemic, she realized that she had gained weight without noticing it that much. Although she was aware that having children would put more weight, she did not expect it to be that much. She said, "I knew I'd put on weight after having the children, but seeing the photo was a big shock for me."

Mother Loses Baby Weight During Pandemic: Here's How She Did It
(Photo: From one2one diet)
Mother Loses Baby Weight During Pandemic: Here's How She Did It

Mortimer saw a picture one day that she described as the first time she correctly saw herself. The mom said, "We'd taken the children for some fresh air. But as my husband snapped the photo, it turned from what should have been a cherished memory."

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Changing her lifestyle

When Gemma gave birth, she says she would eat to pass the time. She explained, "I had gone from eating when I needed to, to just snacking because I wanted."

Aside from cutting sugar and carbs from her diet, the mom lost weight during the pandemic through a weight plan.

She shared in the website of the weight plan management that she used how the idea came across her, "By chance, I got chatting to a lady at my daughter's pre-school and she mentioned how fantastic The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan was and gave me her Consultant's details."

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Mother lost weight through running.

Aside from changing her diet, the mother lost weight during the pandemic through running marathons as well.

Gemma's husband is serving in the RAF. Because he was away a lot, the mom would always take a run to pass the time. Eventually, this little hobby became part of her lockdown exercise. She also started to run in competitions, "I averaged three runs a week, working it around the kids and stuck rigidly to the diet plan."

Mother Loses Baby Weight During Pandemic: Here's How She Did It
Mother Loses Baby Weight During Pandemic: Here's How She Did It

Right now, Gemma is maintaining her weight and is closely monitoring her eating habits. Part of this is hydrating herself, "I drink four liters of water a day." She said that she could no longer imagine herself differently.

The farthest that she has run is 30 kilometers. However, she has bigger plans for her 40th birthday, "I now want to run a marathon by my 40th birthday."

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