Check out This Mom's Christmas Tree Hack to Avoid Decorating Yearly

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Check out this mom's Christmas tree hack to avoid decorating yearly.

An Australian mom who could not be bothered redoing the Christmas tree revealed a hack in which she admitted that to do so, one must hide the said tree for 12 months. 

On Facebook, the woman said that by choosing to store their Christmas tree in their spare room it saved her time, even though some people may find the idea and action lazy. 

How the idea started

The woman said that a year ago, she could not find the energy to pack away their Christmas tree so what she did was to pick the whole thing up, put it in the spare room, and closed the door. 

This year, she picked up the Christmas tree again from the said extra room, and finally put it back also to its usual spot in their living area where it belongs. 

She said that it was a hack despite making it look like she is crazy. But the thing is, it made the decorating more effortless than ever for her. 

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Netizens' Reactions

The funny and unusual confession got the attention of other Facebook users, in which a lot of them also admitted that they too have been doing the same thing for not just 12 months, but more. 

One person revealed that for five years, their Christmas tree has lived in the third shower that they do not use. The person added that it still had lights, tinsels, and other decorations on it. And to save time, they just sold it and got a pop-up tree. 

Another person also shared their experience with the same hack. The person said that their sister, for the last few years has just wrapped the whole Christmas tree, as well as its decorations, then pulls it out, unwrap it, and they're - a decorated tree that is ready to go. 

One person also shared the same hack in which their Christmas tree had been sitting for 12 months in their garage, and they had just unwrapped it today, just ready for the holidays. 

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Aside from these people sharing the same hack of storing their trees for 12 months and unwrapping it just in time for Christmas, a man with his pet cats shared an image of his very unusual picture of an upside-down tree. 

He said that they have cats that think they need to kill the decorations. So for 12 months, their upside-down Christmas tree had been up from the roof of their living room. 

Another lady shared that theirs is nailed to the wall for 12 months or all year round as well. 

A mom's realization

After sharing the image on Facebook, the Australian mom was relieved that she was not the only one doing that hack. She said that she really couldn't believe it that she is not the only one. She even mentioned that their family usually packs everything away in a plastic container. Now that their children are teenagers, it is usually her that does it now. However, because of her newfound hack, she does not work that much on the tree anymore.

Her funny post was liked more than 390 times by kind strangers who are part of the Facebook group, where she posted the picture. 

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