Wrapped or Not: What Should Parents Do with Santa Gifts?

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For some parents, wrapping gifts for their children can be an exciting task. However, for Santa gifts, other parents believe these should no longer be wrapped.

A mom from PopSugar shared how she learned that Santa gifts should not be wrapped.

Kate Schweitzer shared in an article that she has been putting extra effort into the "gifts from Santa." However, she only to realize this year that she should not have been doing so.

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Realizing that Santa gifts should be unwrapped

Schweitzer shared, "I came across a social media post from a fellow mom with what I thought was a rather unpopular opinion - that Santa does not wrap presents."

Because of this, the mom checked on friends. Lo and behold, there was one friend who told her, "Santa doesn't wrap gifts! Don't you think he's done enough?"

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Other families do not wrap Santa gifts too.

Although this tradition may not seem like a known one, several families choose to give unwrapped presents from Santa. According to Schweitzer, she learned that there are people who saw a few key factors that gave sense to the unwrapped gifts tradition.

According to some families, if the presents were unwrapped, it should be fully-assembled - just like how Santa would do it. For example, there should be batteries installed if it needed any.

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The thoughts of other parents

In a poll on the website Houzz.com, parents were sharing how they do the Santa gift traditions. According to some, Santa gifts should be wrapped, "Growing up in Germany, the Christkind would place the gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve, all neatly wrapped and then ring a little bell for the kids to know that they can enter the room and admire the lit tree and presents."

However, there were plenty of people who shared that Santa gifts should not be wrapped. Some of them said, "Santa doesn't wrap at my home. Toys for the children are left in large Santa sacks, much like those on television." Another one said that wrapping is technically impossible because of the kinds of gifts that Santa brings, "Santa always brings the big stuff that you can't wrap. Like bicycles and Barbie Jeeps."

Others emphasized that the wrapped presents are the ones which came from the parents or the siblings, "Santa's gifts are not wrapped. Only the parent's gifts are wrapped."

Why do other parents wrap Santa gifts?

According to the PopSugar article, those who think Santa gifts should be wrapped feel that those who do not practice lazy parenting. The article. however, emphasized, "but even though it might not be for everyone, it's certainly not something parents do because it's an easy out."

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