Important Tips for Parents With Newborn Babies This Winter

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For new moms and parents, you are probably worried about your newborn baby's safety and health, especially during this winter. 

However, experts say that it is essential to step outside when you can since a newborn baby and new parents need, fresh air, unless it is dangerously cold in which going outside would not be an option. 

To help you out, here are some tips from experts for parents that will help keep your newborn babies warm and safe this winter. 

Dress your newborn baby in layers

Pediatrician Molly Broder says that if parents are comfortable with a jacket on top of their clothes, they should have their newborn baby in a jacket or snowsuit and a blanket. 

Dressing them in layers will allow you to adjust to their needs. Their bottom layer can be snug like leggings and a bodysuit. 

On top of it, parents can put another layer of pants and long sleeves shirt. 

Finally, they can finish it up with a jacket, hat, mitten, and warm booties to keep their hands and feet warm during this winter. 

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Don't make your newborn babywear their coat inside the car

This is one of those winter safety tips specially advised to parents with newborns.

The problem with your baby's cute and puffy coat is that if there is too much material between your baby and the car seat straps, the materials could compress during an accident, leaving space that puts your baby at risk and off security.

Prevent dry skin

Cold weather, such as that during the winter season, can contribute to dry, itchy, and scaly skin. One of the most common tips in such cases is to use warm water when bathing babies, but not to let them soak them for too long. 

Try sticking your elbow in the water, and it should be comfortably warm and not hot. 

When you dry your newborn baby off, apply lotion to moisturize the skin, but use a product without a long list of chemicals. Parents can even put baby lotion as many times per day they see fit. 

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'Wear' your baby for warmth

Carriers are a great way to use your body heat to provide your baby with extra warmth during the winter. Even so, parents should always keep their newborn baby's head and feet covered, as that is how the body loses heat. 

When you are wearing your baby, make sure that the face is not pressed against your chest or clothing to keep their airway free from obstruction. 

Look out for warning signs

If you notice that your baby starts shivering, or his hands, feet, and face are cold and red or have turned pale or hard, bring them inside right away. 

Dr. Broder advises not to rub the cold area to rewarm it since this could further damage the cold skin. Instead, parents can use warm washcloths to gently reheat the skin and then put on warm and dry clothes. 

If there is no improvement in a few minutes, it is time to call your doctor. 

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