Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals the Meaning Behind Her Earrings and Necklace

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Katherine Schwarzenegger reveals the meaning behind the young mom's earrings and necklace.

Parents, although they have the same goals to raise their children well, in their definitions, they also have their ways of showing how much they love, adore, and appreciate them. 

For some, they show their love to their children by saying it to them directly. Some parents also resort to baking and cooking their children's favorites. Some are busy bragging to other people who great and awesome their children are, and some are spending money on things that their children wanted. 

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Showing her love

For this celebrity mom, Katherine Schwarzenegger, she shows how much she loves and adores her little girl by putting her name on some, if not most, of her things — mainly her earrings and necklace. 

The 31 years old author and celebrity mom, Katherine Schwarzenegger took to her Instagram story over the weekend to share how she always honors her daughter through jewelry like earrings and necklace, clearly showing how Katherine Schwarzenegger adores and loves her little girl.

Katherine's kids

Katherine Schwarzenegger and her husband, Chris Pratt, welcomed their first child, Lyla Maria in August. Pratt is also a dad to an 8 years old son, Jack, with his former wife, Anna Faris. 

The author and celebrity mom said that she knows that she talks about jewelry like earrings and necklaces but her new necklace is different and that she loves it. The necklace that Katherine Schwarzenegger is wearing when she posted her Instagram story is from Zoe Lev.

Sharing the story

The video also showed the celebrity mom sporting a second and longer necklace that reads, "Lyla Maria" that features the name of her daughter. 

Katherine Schwarzenegger said that she is obsessed with putting her daughter's name on everything, including her earrings and necklace. 

The celebrity mom recently revealed that she wears earrings in honor of her husband and her daughter. 

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Schwarzenegger and Pratt

Back in September, it was reported that Schwarzenegger and Pratt have been happier than ever since welcoming their daughter. 

The report said that Katherine, Chris, and Lyla have settled in and have a good routine down. They added both Katherine and Chris are busy with work but are still making sure both are always making their daughter their top priority. 

The couple has been overwhelmed with love and support from both their families and friends and that they are happier than ever and love how their daughter brings a smile to their faces every single day. 

Despite the differences in showing love and affection to their children, parents are still all the same. They just wanted to make sure that their children will not feel alone, left out, and unloved in this world that they are living in. 

As parents, they live not just for themselves but for their children as well, whom they have brought themselves into this world. They are their priority, their love, and their life. 

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