Katy Perry Shares Experiences of Being a Mother to Newborn Baby

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Katy Perry shares experiences of being a mother to her newborn baby.

The renowned singer and now a celebrity mom shared her candid moments about motherhood with her newborn baby, Daisy Dove, with her partner, Orlando Bloom. Daisy Dove is already three months old, in which Katy Perry is still keeping the hang of being a new mom, in her case, a celebrity mom. 

During an event, Katy Perry had talked to Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness about how her life has changed ever since she gave birth to her lovely newborn baby. 

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Motherhood and Katy Perry

The celebrity mom shared how she is new with being a mother and motherhood in general. And although their newborn baby is a gift, there are sometimes challenges which concern her sleep. 

Perry says, no matter how much support she has, it is still hard. She even questioned where those six hours of sleep that she usually gets had gone. 

Getting through motherhood

One thing that is helping the celebrity mom to find time for herself and get her much needed and much-desired rest during her busy and tight schedule is by doing a silent mantra meditation. 

Katy Perry said that there are a lot of ways where that method has blessed her, and right now, being a new mother, she got at least 20 minutes by herself. Which is a lot, considering that being a mom, not to mention a celebrity mom, is sure to take up so much of her time. 

The celebrity mom added that not only does she find the most profound rest that she needs, that her body is desperate for, doing it also makes her feel like she has stolen two more plus hours or even three more hours from the clock. 

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The newborn baby

The celebrity mom and her partner, Orlando Bloom, announced the arrival of their newborn baby in August. And although a full photo of their newborn baby girl is yet to be shared by the couple, Orlando Bloom revealed that his daughter looks just like her famous mother. 

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Orlando Bloom shared how funny it was for him when his daughter first came out. He said that his daughter is his mini-me. Orlando Bloom added that it was perfect because their baby got Katy Perry's big blue eyes. 

Aside from sharing his daughter's features, Orlando Bloom even joked about how he got a little confused because Katy is breastfeeding his mini-me that also looks like his mom. Bloom jokingly asked about who her daughter will look like next.

On an Instagram post of Katy Perry, she shared a picture of their baby's hand holding hers and Bloom's. 

As UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, the couple captioned in their post an awareness about how not everyone can have a peaceful birthing experience like theirs.

They also assure everyone that UNICEF is on the ground, doing the best that they can to make sure that every soon-to-be mother has access to trained health workers and has access to quality healthcare. The couple ended their post with a call to support a precious gift, which is a healthy child. 

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