Celebrity Baby Names 2020: Who Gave Birth Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

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There is good news amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These celebrities welcomed these bundles of joys safe and sound. Now, let us dig in and find out the cutest and most unique celebrity baby names 2020. Wait till you hear about Elon Musk baby's name.

Raddix Maddison

Proud mom Cameron Diaz shared her daughter's arrival to her Instagram fans. "She completed our family," the first-time mom beamed. Cameron wed musician Benji Madden in 2015 and now they welcome their first child.

Daisy Dove

A pretty name for a lovely daughter born to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. The couple revealed they are floating with love with the safe and healthy arrival of their baby, Mirror UK revealed.

Isaac Menelik Giovanni

Also first-time parents Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin welcomed their son at the beginning of the year. The supermodel gave birth in a birthing pool and describes birth as a magical, special moment.

Mary (Masha) Iglesias

5 weeks after Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova gave birth, her husband singer Enrique Iglesias announced the name of their daughter. The couple already has twins and this is their third child. The baby's name is Mary or Masha in Russian.

Loretta Rose

Lydia Bright welcomed her first baby after her split from boyfriend Lee Cronin. The first-time mom revealed the nostalgic meaning of her daughter's name-her parent's favorite song is "At Last by Etta James" which birthed the name Loretta.

Beau Benedict Enthoven Williams

The Valentine's Day baby was born to Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda. The couple had the sweetest way of introducing their fourth child to the public on Instagram with a snap of their older children's feet and the new baby.

Ella Orla

"Strictly Come Dancing" stars James Jordan and Ola welcomed their daughter this year after three years of struggling to have a baby. Their daughter was conceive via IVF.

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Coco Knox Keating

Ronan Keating and wife Storm announced the safe delivery of their daughter on social media with the caption: "Calmly arrived; mama and baba are rocking."

X Æ A-Xii

Can you guess whose this baby is? Well of course, Grimes and Elon Musk's son. The baby's name was previously X Æ A-12 but the number was changed to Xii. Grimes said, "Roman numerals look better, tbh."

A brief explanation on Elon Musk baby's name, X is an unknown variable. The symbol Æ is the elven spelling of Ai or artificial intelligence. A is Archangel, Grimes' favorite song. Finally, A-12 is the precursor to the couple's favorite aircraft, SR-17.

Wednesday G. Grint

Rupert finally came to the Gram along with an introduction of his baby daughter with long-term girlfriend Georgia Groome.

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Lucia Marisol

"Ugly Betty" star shared with her fans the joy of having her second child arrive before Mother's Day. Lucia is her daughter with husband Ryan Piers Williams. They also have a son named Sebastian Piers Williams.

Olympia Lighting Bolt

Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett made reference to the track star's historic achievements in sports with the birth of their daughter.

Lyla Maria

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger took to Instagram to announce the birth of their daughter amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Both mom and baby are doing great."

Ever Leo

Proud parents Lea Michele and Zandy Reich were happy to announce the birth of their happy and healthy baby.

Lyra Antarctica

Ed Sheeran revealed to fans that he felt like being on cloud nine with the birth of his daughter with Cherry Seaborn.

Callum Michael Rebel Kazee

Jenna Dewan welcomed her second child amid the pandemic lockdown. Callum is her son with actor Stave Kazee, Cosmopolitan revealed. She previously had a daughter with Channing Tatum named Everly Tatum.

Pace Pentz

Thomas Wesley Pentz aka DJ Diplo was proud to welcome his third son. Pace's mom is pageant queen and model Jevon King. He also has two sons with ex Kathryn Lockhat, Lockett, 10 and Lazer, 6. Diplo shared a sweet Mother's Day message: "Thanks to the three strongest mothers in the world for giving me life and for helping me to create life."

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