Neighbor Pretends to Be Fairy for Lonely Toddler for Nearly One Year

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A neighbor pretends to be a fairy for a lonely toddler after seeing that the child created a fairy garden. In secret, she acted to be a fairy for almost one year.

Kelly Victoria saw that a little girl built her fairy garden near a tree. She saw how lonely the toddler was, so she tried to help brighten up her day. She found a note in the garden written by the girl that said how she wanted to "spread some cheer" for the people around it.

The fairy garden has cheered up thousands of neighbors

Thousands of neighbors were indeed cheered up from what the four-year-old did. Victoria shared the photo of the garden on her Twitter account that went viral. She added a caption that said she believes everyone could need a happy story to hear.


The photographer wrote that she underwent painful stuff when the pandemic started. She said that she would go for long walks because she could not sleep and no one was around during that time.

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At first, she noticed that there were a few small objects in a tree planter. Soon, Victoria saw the little girl's note about loneliness until she found the fairy garden.

Pretended to be a fairy

The next day, Victoria pretended that she is a fairy named Sapphire. She replied to the note, saying that she had come to live in the tree because the toddler had set it up so nicely. The acting fairy left a magical fairy dice as a gift for the little girl.

She was not sure if the girl found the note, but the next night when she passed by the fairy garden, she found a lengthy note sent as a reply to Sapphire's message. Victoria burst into tears upon seeing a hand-written reply that seemed to be from the girl's parents.

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She made sure to inform the girl's parents that she is not someone they should worry about. The good samaritan left an extra note for them with her contact number to let them know who she is and that she is not some creep leaving notes for their daughter.

The duo wrote back and forth for nine months

Then, she received some more letters sent in response. Writing back and forth with the toddler has given Victoria a sense of purpose during a lonely and painful time.

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The photographer started ordering little trinkets and art supplies for the little girl. It had made Victoria look forward to days again. For the last nine months, the duo had been writing to one another, helping each other feel a little less lonely.

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