That ’70s Show Star Mila Kunis Shares Parenting Tips

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"That '70s Show" star Mila Kunis shares parenting tips with Laura Prepon after starting a family with her husband, Ben Foster. Sadly though, while a star makes her way into the prime of her life, an alum and co-star, Tanya Roberts, died on Sunday.

Parenting tips as shared by Mila Kunis

New parents have a lot to learn especially when they plan to expand their family. Learn about some parenting tips that Kunis shared with Laura Prepon during an exclusive interview.

Show positivity

Prepon struggled to go back to work because she had to leave her daughter, Ella, behind. Kunis shared with her that she should never show the kids that going to work was a "bummer."

On April 17, Friday, the "Orange Is the New Black" alum told "Us Weekly" that her Kunis told her to say it in a positive way. While she promotes her book, "You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood," the Screen Actors Guild Award winner explained that it works well with her two kids.

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She said Kunis' two children with Ashton Kutcher, Wyatt, five, and Dimitri, three, do not associate their mother's departure as something bad. Prepon explained that it is an upbeat and positive way so her kids could link being successful and having a job into something positive.

Quality over quantity

Forty-year-old "Stash Plan" author also shared what she had learned from another star included in her "mom squad." She said that Amber Tamblyn shared with her that parents should choose quality over quantity.

Prepon said of Tamblyn's advice that while she has to leave and go to her job, she makes sure to spend quality time with her kids when she is with her family. It means that during family time, all distractions are taken out of the picture. She would not be checking her emails nor answering calls.

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Have date nights

The New Jersey native makes sure to get date nights every night at home. Prepon said that she always makes dinner, and Foster has been learning how to cook as well. After they put their toddler down, the duo has dinner together.

Co-star Tanya Roberts died after collapsing

According to TMZ, Roberts' rep said that after the "Charlie's Angels" star walked her dog on Christmas Eve, she suddenly collapsed at home. The 65-year-old star was put on a ventilator after she got hospitalized. However, she never recovered, and currently, the cause of her death is still unknown.

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Tanya Roberts used to play the role of Midge, Donna Pinciotti's mom, on the show. She left the series after appearing in 81 episodes from 1998 to 2004 because she had to care for her sick husband.

Roberts played as Julie Rogers on "Charlie's Angels" from 1980 to 1981 in Season 5. She helped solve crimes until 1981, when the series got canceled. Her career started when she modeled for commercials for different products.

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