Connecticut Boys Donate Money to Animal Shelters; Money Was from Their Invention

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Two Connecticut boys donate money to animal shelters in Connecticut. The money that the young boys donated was from their invention. It was the Ornament Anchor which was initially a project of one of the Connecticut boys.

The Connecticut boys

Ayaan Naqvi, twelve years old, and Mickey Naqvi, fourteen years old, are the brothers who turned a school project into a full-fledged business.

The Connecticut brothers only wanted to stop one of their favorite Christmas ornament from falling from their tree. They had the idea of creating an Ornament Anchor when they were hanging their ornaments and one of their favorites fell and broke.

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The Ornament Anchor

The purpose of the Ornament Anchor is to ensure that none of the ornaments will fall and that all of the decorations on the tree will remain secured.

It was the younger brother of the Connecticut brothers, Ayaan, who did the anchor as his school project.

When parents from his school saw the potential of the project, Ayaan was swarmed with interest during the school fair.

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Going into business

After realizing that their Ornament Anchor was going to be a hit, the Connecticut brothers designed their product and built a website for it. After that, they got a patent for their product and right then they were already in business.

Products got sold out

When the two young boys joined Christmas fairs, their product was easily sold out. Also, when they were featured on QVC and Good Morning America, that was when they were able to sell more.

During their first year in business, the Connecticut boys were able to make $250,000. That is even with the coronavirus pandemic hanging over everyone's heads.

The brothers are still selling their products online.

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Connecticut boys donate money to animal shelter

After earning quarter of million dollars, the Connecticut boys donate money to an animal shelter.

The brothers decided to donate ten percent of their sales to the North Shore Animal League America.


The North Shore Animal League is the world's largest adoption organization that practices a no-kill rescue.

On their Instagram page, the donation of the two brothers were shared to the people who supported them, "Having a successful business is such an accomplishment, especially in times like these, but being a responsible business owner and giving back to causes that you believe in is an even better accomplishment, and so important!"

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The reason why the Connecticut boys donate money to animal shelter

According to an article from the DAD, the brothers said, "Ever since I was super young I've had a fascination with all of life's creatures." Ayaan even said that his goal is to ensure that he can help as many animals as he can.

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