Engorged Breasts: Here's How to Relieve the Pain

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Engorged breasts are not uncommon in women who breastfeed their babies. It is described as hard, swollen, and painful breasts when there is too much milk production. The swelling could go all the way up to your armpit and showing your veins. 

It could be quite uncomfortable for the breastfeeding mom because it could sometimes make their breasts feel tender, tight, lumpy, and extremely large. Here are the things you could do to relieve engorged breasts.

Unlimited latch

By letting your baby breastfeed often, you help relieve yourself from feeling full. Ideally, it is best to offer your breasts every three hours. Aim for at least 20 minutes for each feeding to make sure you empty each side. 

Wake your sleeping baby to feed. Try to avoid giving formula because your baby feeds less breast milk when you have to nurse them. You may also use a breast pump or manual pump to relieve discomfort. But do not express too much that there is nothing left for your little one. 

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Use different breastfeeding positions

Varied breastfeeding positions help unclog ducts, especially when breastfeeding or pumping does not relieve your pain. Make sure to empty each side every time and start with the side where you last breastfed your little one. 

Apply a warm compress or take warm baths

By applying heat to your breasts, you help with relieving because it helps unclog ducts. Before you breastfeed your baby, you could apply hot packs or take warm baths because it also helps with the milk letdown. 

Soothe the pain with a cold compress

After your baby breastfeeds, you could apply cabbage leaves or a cold compress to help soothe your pain. You could slip the leaves under your bra to make them stay in place. If the pain is still unbearable, talk to your doctor for any safe pain relievers. 

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Massage your breasts while breastfeeding

You could help release the pressure on your engorged breasts by massaging them while your baby is breastfeeding. It could also help drain each boob, so you are ready for the next feeding session. 

Wear a comfortable bra

Make sure that you are wearing a snug-fit supportive but not tight-fitting bra. It helps support your breast securely but not too loose that it hurts when engorged. 

Seek the help of a lactation consultant

Lactation consultants are accessible, and you could get help from them. They know the right massage to help unclog ducts and teach you how to prevent getting engorged breasts. 

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Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your baby, so you should not let engorged breasts from hindering you in giving the best nutrition for your infant. Follow the simple steps to create a memorable experience like no other.


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