Here's Why Teachers Should Not Feel Guilty When They Decline Friend Requests from Parents

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Teachers have a private life, too. While some parents may want to get friendly with their child's teacher, it may not be in the best interest of both parties to do so.

Teachers can't tell parents straight to their face, but no, they do not look forward to friend requests from parents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else on social media.

Friend Requests from Parents-a Breach of Privacy

There are private photos, videos, opinions, and moments that each needs to protect on both sides. Teachers can go to happy hour with their friends, post photos wearing swimsuits, and share their political thoughts.

Parents may disagree with a teacher's perspective outside of the classroom, but teachers know very well to remain professional in school regardless of their personal lives.

The worst thing is when the parent starts judging the teacher for their humor, political beliefs, and so on, making the teacher feel uncomfortable, Smart Frog Education revealed.

Your child, too, may have issues with photos and behind-the-scenes moments that they do not want to be made known in school.

The School Could Be Against It

Even when teachers may not mind accepting friend requests from parents, many schools put policies to prevent teachers from doing so. They may either have to reject the friend request or awkwardly approach the parent telling them about the procedure.

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There are Plenty of Other Alternatives

Where you cannot meet face to face with the teacher to discuss your concerns with them, there are many other ways you can reach them.

Most of the time, the teacher or the school already provides this information, such as the teacher's email address for school-related concerns only. They may also be using a communications app for school, like ClassDojo.

Choosing What You Make Public

There is a way for teachers, parents, and students to connect on social media if they please, without invading the teachers' privacy. That is, if they set up a Facebook group where parents are encouraged to join and participate, and any other information behind the privacy wall is kept private, Lifehacker advised.

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When Parents Ask Favors

Another downside when being friends on social media with your student's parents is then they may expect favors as they see you are closer friends than the other parents.

These may be unfair and highly inappropriate requests such as extra credit. To prevent this, it is wise to decline from social media friendships with the parents of students.

How to Reject Friend Requests from Parents

When rejecting the parent, it is wise to propose alternatives to avoid bruising their ego. This could include a work email address or schedule some additional time for a parent-teacher conference. Also, teachers may not be inclined to give their mobile number, which could also be intrusive.

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