World's Fattest Boy Shows Off New Body

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At ten years old, Arya Permana caught the attention of global media. The boy tipped the scales at 423 pounds. He weighed six times more than the average 10-year-old boy, which should weigh around 70.5 pounds. Now a teenager, Permana loves sports and has since lost an impressive 231 pounds with lifestyle changes and experts' help.

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World's Fattest Boy Now a Healthy Teenager

A 10-year-old boy who sat and ate all day was still bathed by his mom in a pool outside his home and had no clothes that could fit him, but a large cloth or sarong-such was the life of Permana when he caught the eye of the media. "He is perpetually hungry and only eats and sleeps. If not, he stays in the bath for hours. If he tries to walk, he loses balance and complains of shortness of breath," cried out his mother, Rokayah Somantri.

The boy was morbidly obese, which made him unable to go to school as we would become breathless if he even managed to walk a few steps. But he was not always this way. Permana was born an average weight of 3.2 kg and only started gaining more weight around 2 years old, Caters News reported.

"Before, I never thought I could lose weight. But it is possible, and I feel so much better and so different," revealed Permana, who is now 14 years old. He was able to return to school before it was affected by the pandemic. He can also ride the motorcycle, climb trees, play soccer, basketball, and walk 3km a day, Mirror UK reported.

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Arya Permana Diet and Weight Loss

Permana's parents once felt powerless about his eating habits. He could quickly eat as much food as he could feed two grown adults. After his case was brought to health experts' attention, dietitians ordered the boy to change his diet of rice, beef, instant noodles, and Tempeh-soy patty into a diet of fruits and vegetables instead. After his weight loss, the teenager was allowed to eat three healthy balanced meals a day, portion-sized to control his weight.

But Permana's weight loss was not made by sheer willpower alone. The boy could not lose enough weight in the timeline he needed to for the sake of his health. So doctors had to perform bariatric, which alters the size of the stomach. Dr. Handy Wing, the surgeon who operated on Permana, revealed that they reduced his stomach's size to 30 percent its original size so he would not need to eat so much.

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Bodybuilder Helps Obese Boy Makes Lifestyle Changes

To aid his weight loss, Permana also changed his sleeping habits. "I used to sleep at 4 am and wake up at 3 pm," said the boy who slept all day and munched at night. "Now, I sleep at 10 pm," the teenager revealed.

A fitness expert also guided Permana with his weight loss. Indonesia bodybuilder and personal trainer Ade Rai posted Permana's journey online. From barely able to stand to be able to do sports and workout alongside his trainer. "I share with Arya's parents about the importance of keeping a good diet and supporting their son," shares Ade Rai. "Arya is a symbol of hope. If Arya Permana can lose weight, so can others."


Permana's parents are supportive of his weight loss efforts. His father, Ade Somantri, said that all the lifestyle changes worked hand in hand to help his son lose weight, Daily Mail UK reported. "The strict diet, regular exercise routine, and medical treatment are all good and support each other."

Aria's father, Ade Somantri, said that medical treatment, diet, and a strict exercise routine helped his son lose so much weight.

He said: 'Aria managed to lose weight through bariatric surgery, diet, and regular exercise. For me, they are all good and supportive of each other.'

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