Dad Walks Out of Son's Wedding After Groom Asked His Date To Leave

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A 53-year-old dad took to Reddit to consult about a situation that made him storm out of his 24-year-old son's wedding. The dad posted on the Reddit forum, "Am I the A******," but users are not buying his side of the story.

Apparently, he was wrong by going against the wishes of the groom and bride. Hence, the dad walked out of his son's wedding with his date in tow—a person not even on the wedding guest list.

Wedding in the Time of COVID-19

The Reddit user opened up about knowing of his son's wedding two months before the wedding date. The wedding was set to happen under COVID-19 strict regulations. One thing ticked off the groom's father—why didn't he get a plus one with his wedding invite?

Having received the wedding invitation two weeks before the wedding, he calls his son, who explained that no one has a plus one because of COVID-19 regulations.

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Divorced Dad Sees Ex-Wife with Boyfriend at Son's Wedding

The wedding day came, and the divorced dad arrived alone as he did not have a plus one wedding invite. Lo and behold, he was seated at the same table with his ex-wife, joined by her new boyfriend. The dad looked around and asked other guests whether or not they got a plus one-and they did. He was furious when he found out his son had lied to him.

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These turn of events led the dad to make his next move which would cause a commotion. He excuses himself and calls his date-25-year-old Callie, who also happens to be his former student. The groom's father told his girlfriend to get dressed for his son's wedding and come anyway, In the Know reported.

Groom Asks Dad's Girlfriend to Leave

When Callie arrived, the bride and groom became cross. The groom proceeded to pull his dad aside and furiously asked him what Callie was doing at his wedding. He added that he did not want anyone to upstage his bride, which Callie did when she appeared at the wedding looking amazing.

The broom then asked his dad to make his date leave. However, his dad would make his next misstep. He tells his son that if it were such a big deal to him, then he would leave and miss the rest of the wedding. His son agrees that his father should leave with his date, so the groom's father and his uninvited guest left.

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People Think Dad Who Walked Out of Son's Wedding was Wrong

Much to his dismay, Reddit users did not side with the father, even reprimanding him for his "pathetic, selfish and inappropriate" behavior, Yahoo News reported.

The Redditors noted that he was explicitly asked not to bring a date to their wedding. Further, the dad was told off for making the day about him. Another user noted about the dad's dating someone only a year older than his son.

Divorced Parents and their Marrying Children: Does the Couple Need to Invite their Parents' New Partners?

The "no ring, no bring" rule may have changed with time as long-time partners have been receiving invites to the weddings of their partner's children. But what about with new girlfriends or boyfriends? Brides recommend parents to be on the top of the plus-one or "and guest" list to their wedding. An exception could be made for single parents and parents who are yet to define their relationship.

It may be wise to ask your parents how they would feel about having their SO attend your wedding. They can tell their children whether their relationship is more casual or something they see their future with. It may also be wise to ask the other parent how they would feel if you invited the other parent's significant other.

As to the new girlfriend or boyfriend's role in the wedding, they need not participate in the processional. The exception would be if they already got engaged to your parent. Further, the date should be seated next to the parent they are dating at the same table. They need not stand in the receiving line but may mingle with the rest of the guests.

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