Colorado Mom Gives Birth on Front Lawn, Thanks to Fire Crew's Help

Photo: (Photo : Curtis Adams from Pexels)

A Colorado mom recently gave birth on her front lawn as the fire crew helped the family through this unexpected event. The mother, Maggie Reilley, gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Recently, the family visited a group of firefighters from West Metro Fire that helped them go through the incident.

The family is grateful for their help from the group; they say this will be a story they will share with their kid when she grows up. According to Maggie in an interview with 9News, "Having a baby in our car in our driveway, it's funny, it's a great story. When she's 18, It'll be, you know, a great story to embarrass her with, we'll talk about graduations, and it'll be awesome."

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Welcoming their second baby

The Reilly's already went through the rush of giving birth and preparing for one during their firstborn. That is why they know what to prepare for when they were about to welcome their second baby.

However, their second child, Baby Wren, had a different course of the plan.

Last March 7, the Colorado mom woke up to contractions. She called for he husband, and they started packing to head to Sky Ridge Medical Center. That was their initial plan.

Although everything was already set, Steven, Maggie's husband, decided to call 911 because he felt that the birth of their second baby was going to be different. A few minutes after giving 911 a call, the West Metro Medic 13 crew arrived at the family's home.

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The Colorado mom gave birth on the front lawn.

While the fire crew was assessing the situation, they asked Maggie, "Can you walk to our pram?" to which Magie answered, "No, She is coming."

With the Colorado mom's response, the person in charge realized that they only had few seconds to catch the baby. The fire crew arrived at the scene two minutes before Maggie gave birth. Baby Wren was born weighing more than 5 pounds, and she was 18 inches long.

The fire crew brought the mom and baby to UCHealth, where they got checked. After knowing that both are okay, they were allowed to go home.

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Visiting the fire crew

A few weeks after giving birth, the Colorado mom and her family visited the fire station.

According to Baby Wren's dad, "They were very welcoming, allowing us to come back and say thank you. It meant a lot to us just because, you know, in the moment, we weren't able to go around saying thank you there to everyone who did show up for us."

Although most firefighters were looking forward to meeting Baby Wren, she was sound asleep during the visit.

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