Mom Gave Birth to Her Twins in the Living Room, She Was Even Able to Film It

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mom gave birth to twins in the living room - with other kids playing around her, and was even able to film her entire birthing experience online. 

For most parents, especially mothers, it is really important to seek medical help from experts when it comes to their pregnancy, as well as to their birthing experience. A lot of them are even willing to undergo various methods that will lessen the pain brought about by giving birth, not to mention that they also want experts to be there with them while they do so. 

However, this mother of 8 is one fearless mother and parent. For all of her 8 birthing experiences, she delivered all of them on her own, without the guidance of any medical help, as well as giving birth at home and not in a clinic nor a hospital. 

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Giving birth at home

Sarah Schmid, 38 years old and who currently lives in Alsace, France, has chosen to give birth to all of her 8 children at home. Seven of them being free-birthed or when she had no medical assistance during her entire pregnancy or delivery. 

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The mom gave birth to her twins standing in their living room while her other children are even playing around her. 

Sarah was trained to be a doctor although she chose to be a stay-at-home mother, and has had 7 of her children in many places from a Swedish forest, to her backyard, and now to her living room. 

The mom who gave birth at home, specifically in her living room, can have a lot of risks. But since she had prior experience giving birth on herself, she again chose to give birth at home to deliver her twins Samuel and Sarah who are now 10 months old. 

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Filming her birthing journey

Ever since the mom gave birth with just herself at home, she has long opted to film each of their births and has even built up a YouTube account that has over 40,000 subscribers. 

Sarah and her husband Tim, 43 years old, are also parents to Johanna, 13 years old, Jonathan, 11 years old, Emanuel, 9 years old, Elisabeth, 7 years old, Konstantin, 5 years old, and Kiran, who is 3 years old. 

Sarah, the mom who gave birth to twins in their living room, said that she was surprisingly fearless with her twins. She said that she expected that she would have twins when her belly got larger, as well as when she had monitored all her pregnancies. 

She even said that she had taught herself to feel how the baby is lying in her belly. So, when she felt it this time, she said that it was different, and it could only be explained by having twins. 

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