Irina Shayk Praises Ex-Partner Bradley Cooper for Being a 'Hands-on Dad'

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Irina Shayk might no longer be together with ex-partner Bradley Cooper, but they have a solid relationship as parents to their four-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, who recently spent two weeks with her "hands-on dad."

In an interview with HIGHStyle magazine, Shayk was proud to share that Cooper didn't need a nanny when he took Lea on holiday, and she never had to call up her ex to ask if he and the toddler were fine. The first-time mother said that her ex was full-on committed as he spent time with their little girl.

Shayk also said that she doesn't want to label her and Cooper as "co-parents" because they both give their 100 percent to their daughter.

"Co-parenting is parenting," the famous model said, adding that she and Cooper are on the same page about their strictness with Lea.

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Shayk and Cooper teach Lea good manners by always saying "please" and "thank you." While the little girl has all the material things she needs, Shayk still keeps her daughter grounded by letting her know that she can't have things easy.

Shared Custody

Shayk and Cooper have decided to share custody of Lea; thus, they still live near each other in New York City. According to TMZ, the ex-couple has no formal custody agreement because they feel "in sync" as parents. So far, their work schedules have allowed Shayk and Cooper to spend equal time with Lea though their arrangement varies every month.

It's not the first time Shayk has openly expressed her gratitude for Cooper. In an interview with Elle Magazine, she called her ex-partner an "amazing dad," who is also a loving son to his mom, Gloria Campano, 80. Campano has been staying with Cooper since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Cooper said in an interview that his mother's health is his top priority since she lives with a colostomy bag. He has to make sure that their small household is COVID-free.

Meanwhile, as the daughter of an award-winning movie star and a sought-after model, Lea does not enjoy the exposure from the paparazzi. The mother said they constantly have to explain to their young child that she doesn't have to be scared of the press photographers.

Though Shayk can always rely on Cooper when it comes to their daughter, the celebrity model admitted that it's still hard to be a single mother who is also a working woman at the same time. She said that there are days when she wakes up thinking that she's falling apart because balancing between two roles is always a challenge, no matter the family situation.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper's Relationship Timeline

Cooper started dating Shayk in 2015 after his relationship with Suki Waterhouse broke down. They were friends long before they started dating. In 2016, the couple announced Shayk's pregnancy, which sparked rumors of marriage. A decade before Shayk, Cooper was previously hitched to actress Jennifer Esposito.

In March 2017, Shayk gave birth to Lea, but no wedding took place between the couple. The speculations about their wedding continued until the couple announced their split in June 2019 after more than four years of being together.

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