Gal Gadot Reveals if Daughters, Including Her New Baby, Could Cameo Again in the Third 'Wonder Woman' Film

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Gal Gadot will be back for the third "Wonder Woman" movie with director Patty Jenkins, and she said that she would love it if her three daughters could cameo again as they did in "Wonder Woman: 1984."

During a fan event organized by DC FanDome, Gadot was asked if "Wonder Woman" fans would get another glimpse of her children. The superstar teased that her daughters -- Alma, 10, Maya, 4, and new baby Daniella, four months -- might participate in another short scene.

"It's a nice souvenir in each movie they're going to be older and older," Gadot said.  

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Gal Gadot Daughters' First Cameos

In "Wonder Woman: 1984," Alma and Maya, then nine and three years old, were featured in the final scenes of the sequel with Gadot's real-life husband, Yaron Varsano. They were in a special Christmas segment of the movie after Gadot's character, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, had to let go of her true love, Steve Trevor.

Alma was the kid who threw a snowball at Diana as she was playing with a boy, who turned out to be Jenkins' son, Ace. Maya and her dad, on the other hand, were briefly shown in a shot at the merry-go-round.

Speaking with "GoodDay DC" host Kevin McCarthy, Gadot said those scenes with her daughters and husband meant a lot to her because the film has been a huge boost for her career. To have her family become part of a work, albeit briefly, is something that they will always cherish.

While none of her family members appeared in the first "Wonder Woman," Gadot was pregnant with Maya during the reshoots in 2017. So, her second child had an unintended cameo in the movie that changed her life.

Alma was also supposed to cameo in the first movie but backed out of the scene because she "did not want to be famous." While sitting down with Jimmy Fallon for the "Tonight Show," Gadot recounted how Alma, then about four or five years old, told her friends that she was in the studio in London to do her scenes as a poor girl who was struggling in the cold. She said she was not fond of the repeated takes and is largely not impressed that her mother is Wonder Woman.

Celebrating 13 Years of Marriage

Meanwhile, Gadot and Varsano celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in early October. In a post on Instagram, the actress said that "forever is not long enough" for them to be together. She thanked her husband for being her partner and rock.

In 2016, Gadot told Glamour that she met her husband, who is 10 years older than her, at a party in the middle of the Israeli desert in 2006. He confessed his undying love for her on their second date because he did not want to wait to propose and get married. Two years later, the couple exchanged vows, and they had their first baby in 2011.

Gadot said that they support each other's careers, which is why they make a good team. Varsano is a real estate developer and once operated a hotel in Tel Aviv. He sold the property to a Russian billionaire for a reported $26 million.

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