George Clooney Shares the Emotional Moment He Decided to Become a Father

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George Clooney has recalled that emotional moment he decided to become a father and share the joy of raising a baby with his wife, Amal Clooney. The actor said that he was initially taken aback by the decision to have children with his wife because he was pretty comfortable with what was happening in his life.

In a podcast interview with Marc Maron, Clooney acknowledged that his life had a major turnaround ever since he met Amal. Before his wife, Clooney was Hollywood's most eligible bachelor in his 50s but he instantly fell in love with this intelligent lawyer in her 30s, who agreed to be his bride.

A few years into their blissful marriage, Clooney said that they were with some friends who had little kids. But this sparked a conversation with Amal about having their own brood.

While both agreed that they have been pretty lucky with their successful careers, they sat there thinking that they should try to have a child. Then, it dawned on Clooney that perhaps becoming a father was his destiny, after years of living his life as a bachelor.

"It was very emotional," Clooney told Maron, "Because I was very convinced that was my lot in life," he added. "I was comfortable with that."

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'Gobsmacked' to Have Twins

Clooney said that he was "gobsmacked" to learn Amal was carrying twins, which apparently runs in her family. However, life with two kids at once has been a wonderful time for this 60-year-old first-time dad. Though he thought he preferred to have just one baby, the actor said that he's very grateful his four-year-old son and daughter, Alexander and Ella, "have each other during the pandemic.

As an older dad, however, Clooney admitted that one of his hurdles is to run around to keep up with the twins. He and Amal are also thinking about slowing down to spend the next 20 years with their children because they're at an age when everything happens in a flash.

Clooney said that he and Amal figured they would take a break from work for a few years or, in the case of Amal, take on less high-profile cases. This way, they could travel with their twins and spend more time at their house in the lake, while he could still "rope swing" with the children.

The father also proudly shared that Alexander and Ella make him laugh every day because they are "funny kids." In a previous interview with People, the actor revealed that his children have inherited his love for playing pranks, such as pretending to eat the "dirt" in their diapers to shock guests who visit them, when it's actually Nutella.

Teaching the Twins to Be Scrappy

Aside from pranks, however, the Hollywood dad said that he is hoping to instill some determination in his children. Clooney said he is very much aware of the danger with celebrity kids, who are so used to getting everything they want.

However, the father said that he didn't have the same means and privilege that his children could enjoy today and that taught him how "to be scrappy." Clooney said that he also wants his children to be able to survive anything so he will make sure to teach values that will help them to fend for themselves, even as they have the privilege.

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