Jennifer Lawrence Wants a Very Private Life for Her Soon-to-Be Born Baby

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Jennifer Lawrence chooses to keep a very private life for the baby in her womb and will want her child's privacy off the news for the rest of his or her existence.

The Hollywood superstar, who is expecting her first baby with her husband Cooke Maroney, is bent on protecting the lives of her family as much as she can. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence said that she would rather not have strangers be comfortable around their existence.

The award-winning actress, who is used to being tabloid fodder in her single life, said that she would never include her family in the publicity aspect of her work. Her own experiences prodded her decision as someone who has been in the public eye for almost a decade.

"I didn't have a life," Lawrence said. "The attention on me was so high and extreme."

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Ditching the Security People

Lawrence said that she had the privilege of a security group or bodyguard since her days on "The Hunger Games" franchise. However, when she started dating Maroney, a New York-based artist, she realized that she got more privacy without the security people following her around.

The actress also realized that people were probably tired of seeing her everywhere. Lawrence felt that she had to get out of the scene with her Hollywood profile burning her out. While she wasn't looking for an escape, Maroney's presence in her life came at the right timing. 

Since her low-key wedding to Maroney in 2019, Lawrence said she enjoyed doing basic routines with him the most, such as grocery shopping. Before tying the knot, Lawrence revealed in a podcast with Catt Sadler that she wanted to marry Maroney even though they'd just met. The actress described her husband as her best friend and her "favorite person on the planet."

Lawrence and Maroney, who met through a mutual friend, exchanged vows in an estate in Rhode Island with some celebrity guests as witnesses, including Bradley Cooper, Adele, and her best friends, Amy Schumer and Emma Stone. A month after the wedding, the couple hosted a party for their friends in New York.

Maroney is not social media savvy and keeps his Instagram private with less than a couple of thousand followers. Friends said that Lawrence loves the fact that her husband doesn't treat her like a celebrity. 

Looking Forward to Parenting

The actress, however, had to show off her baby bump during the screening and premiere of "Don't Look Up," her latest movie on Netflix, which will stream in December. Lawrence admitted that she's nervous about the comeback, but she's more determined to protect her husband and her baby than ever.

This appearance has been the first since Lawrence announced that she was taking a break from making movies. No one apart from Lawrence's close friends and family knows when she's giving birth. However, sources close to the actress told People that the superstar is "looking forward" to parenting.  

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