Mariah Carey Rejects Suggestion of Nick Cannon's Kids Being Her Twins' Step-siblings

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Mariah Carey does not think the kids of her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, are the stepbrothers or stepsisters of her twin children, Moroccan Scott and Monroe.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Carey shot back at journalist Kevin Frazier, who suggested that Cannon's five babies with other women are her 10-year-old twins' stepbrothers or stepsisters. Carey insisted that they were not the stepkids since she and Cannon are no longer married to each other.

Carey divorced from Cannon in 2016 after eight years of marriage. The singer admitted that her relationship with her ex-husband started pretty fast, and they did not realize their personalities were incompatible. She also said that they had problems adjusting to each other while parenting twins and then juggling a career in Hollywood at the same time.

"I could have worked it out between the two of us," Carey said in one interview. "But egos and emotions got inflamed."

Ultimately, however, Carey and Cannon agreed to make it work as co-parents, but it's unclear if the twins have already met their half-siblings on their father's side since all of them are still under the age of four and have different mothers.

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The Queen of Christmas

Entertainment Tonight has dubbed Carey the Queen of Christmas because her holiday songs have dominated the airwaves season after season for almost 30 years. She revealed to the news outlet that her experiences with Christmas as a child were quite depressing because her family did not have much money.

Now that she has kids, she goes all the way for her twins to remember that they had the "best time" during the holidays. Carey admitted that the indulgence during Christmas is also for her as she has learned to love this season.

However, Carey does not start her Christmas celebration until after Thanksgiving. Though many people start playing her holiday hits as early as September, the singer said in a 2018 interview with Jimmy Fallon that she doesn't like it when people rush Christmas.

It comes as a bar in Dallas, Texas, has issued a ban on Carey's songs on their jukebox. The establishment placed a note that her most popular holiday song, "All I Want For Christmas," should only be played by December 1.

Gabrielle Union's Take on Stepkids

Speaking of stepchildren, actress Gabrielle Union revealed that she does not like the term stepchildren or stepparent. Union's husband, the sports superstar Dwayne Wade, had four older kids before they married, and they also share a three-year-old daughter.

Union said that she was labeled the stepparent at the school of her husband's kids. She vowed she would never use that word because she regards the kids like her own. However, the actress acknowledged that she is not the replacement for their mothers, nor try to be the replacement.

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