The 7 Signs Of Teen Depression: What Every Parent Should Watch Out For

By Daniel, Parent Herald February 11, 10:18 pm

Teenagers can be very moody, unpredictable and volatile. Sometimes, it is all just a part of adolescence. But sometimes, it can actually be depression. Parents should be able to recognize the signs of teen depression to save them from any harm and danger that comes with the condition.

According to Yahoo Parenting, the symptoms of depression in teens are often different from those seen in adults. The symptoms can also be difficult to spot because many parents think that it is all just a part of growing up.

One of the most common signs of teen depression is irritability. "Although we tend to think of depression as sadness, teenagers often react to depression with a higher level of irritability: their behavior often becomes more apathetic, grumpy and indifferent," teen counselor Mark Loewen told Yahoo Parenting.

Depressed teens also like to absent from school and other activities by saying that they are "sick". It might all be just an excuse or the depression might actually be weakening the immune system of the teen which can lead to sickness.

The next sign on the list is when a teen stops doing his hobbies and the activities he used to love doing. This usually happens because depression weakens the pleasure and reward system in a teenager's brain.

Another sign of teenage depression is the lack of socializing with other people. Your teen might become clingy to you or just one friend and might get constantly worried that you or someone close to him might die. Suicidal thoughts are also possible in depressed teens.

Social media addiction could also be a sign of depression. "Sure, teens and social media go hand in hand these days, but one study by the University of Michigan found that the more teens log onto this social networking site, the more negative their mood becomes," the article shared.

Being impulsive, rebellious and displaying risky behavior are also signs of teenage depression. Many teens display these kinds of behavior, but the attitude of depressed teens is different. "In other words, they may smoke, or take a walk at night by themselves, or have sex because they think what happens to them is no big deal," the article revealed.

One of the most common signs of teen depression is the feeling of being alone, isolated and misunderstood. Help Guide advises parents and teachers to always talk with their teens about their problems and to always give them the emotional support that they need.

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