Outbreak of Measles in Texas Heightens Growing Battle between Doctors and Parents

An outbreak of measles in Texas reflected the growing battle between parents and doctors, according to Fox News.

The said outbreak has already affected 21 people in and around Fort Worth and is being blamed on a Texas megachurch, where pastors have been allegedly advocating against vaccines over fear that they may cause autism.

A recent investigation also revealed that a large majority of people infected, including a four-month old infant had not been vaccinated against the virus.

"I feel like this story demonstrates a major problem in the medical world: the growing battle between parents and pediatricians. It seems to me that more and more patients are starting to distrust what their doctors are telling them, which can lead to serious health consequences for both parents and children," said Dr. Manny Alvarez, author of the report.

Dr. Alvarez stressed that this problem occurs due to a number of reasons. "First being that parents rely more on the information that they find on the Internet and that sometimes this information is not legitimate. Secondly, there is a lot of distrust in the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, which have been vilified by a lot of folks."

He also stressed that people should look at the rising levels of autism, GI intolerances, asthma and allergies that children are experiencing. People are becoming increasingly worried that the unregulated toxins in many products might be harming their children more than they think. 

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