Police Officer Heard Angel's Voice From The Wreck When He Rescued 18-Month Old Baby Girl

By Snow, Parent Herald February 17, 04:39 am

Tyler Beddoes was one of the first responders to the rescue scene. He didn't know that what turned out to be an ordinary rescue mission would change his life. According to him, it was the voice of an angel that they heard from inside the car, the one that called out to them from the wreck.

It was a year ago when a dramatic rescue mission made headlines. A partially submerged overturned car was found 14 hours after it hit the icy rivers in Spanish Fork, Utah. 

In a video on Yahoo News, Beddoes recounted how they heard the voice of an adult woman from inside the wreck, beckoning to them to help her. It was not only Beddoes who heard the cries, but four of them heard "Help me!" coming from inside the car.

They were expecting to find an adult woman, but to their surprise, they found that the only survivor was an 18-month old baby in hypothermic state. The driver, the baby's mom, apparently died instantly from the accident.

According to Fox News, Beddoes described the voice as, "...an adult woman's voice. A calming voice." He further said that, "When we flipped the car over, there was no other explanation for it, other than an angel. There was no one else there."

According to Beddoes, the event changed his life, which was why he decided to write about the events that transpired during that heroic rescue effort. His new book was entitled, "Proof of Angels."

He said that his faith wavered when he got to respond to a quadruple-murder scene where two children died. But the rescue of Lily has renewed his faith in God. In effect, his faith was also rescued in the process. He said, "When this came around, it really changed everything for me. I wondered why I ever doubted Him."

To date, Beddoes is still in close contact with the family of Lily Groesbeck, now a healthy and normal two-year old. Miraculously, the toddler did not show any adverse lasting effects from the crash despite having been in it for 14 hours in freezing temperatures a year ago.

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