Advocate Breastfeeding The Right Way: What You Shouldn't Say To Moms Who Use Formula Milk

By Snow, Parent Herald February 17, 05:23 am

Breastfeeding has been advocated by doctors, pediatricians, and moms. However, this does not exactly mean that moms who choose formula are not as equally good as breastfeeding moms.

There really is no hard and fast rule on what being a good mother is. So here are five things that breastfeeding moms must refrain from saying to formula moms.

"Your baby will not be as smart as babies who are breastfed."

Do Harvard and Cambridge require that you must have at least been breastfed in order for you to study there? Absolutely not!

Many studies have already shown that the difference in IQ points is so little that it will not make any difference at all. Besides, there are other factors that affect the intelligence of individuals. Consider environment, parental stimulation and educational opportunities.

"You're a mother, you can always breastfeed."

Not all moms can breastfeed. According to She Knows, there are adoptive mothers who apparently didn't go through a pregnancy and the lactation process.

Not breastfeeding her adopted child doesn't exactly make her a bad mother. Try to think of those who were unfortunate at not having the capacity to lactate or maintain their milk supply and just be more considerate.

"You're being selfish."

If a mom chose formula because she has to work three shifts in order to support her family, does that make her selfish? Try to consider the situation of the mother before hurling an accusation of her being selfish just because she's not breastfeeding.

"You're opting for the easy way out by formula feeding."

The parenting struggles of a mother may differ. The situation at home for a breastfeeding mom, may not be the same as the situation of the non-breastfeeding mom.

If a mother chose formula, she must have had enough good reasons. It does not equate to being lazy or being less sensitive of the needs of her baby. Just respect her decision.

"You didn't do your research well."

A lot of new moms turn to Google before they choose whether to breastfeed or to opt for formula milk for their newborns. They must have weighed all the pros and cons before they settled on an option. If they chose formula, it doesn't mean that they didn't bother researching. Besides, if formula-feeding works for them, then it's their decision.

If you are breastfeeding and you want to advocate the practice, IntraHealth International has provided some ways on how to advocate breastfeeding without offending other moms. You can inform mothers of the benefit of breastfeeding without shaming them. You can also show them how to maintain lactation. That way, you are giving helpful tips without sounding condescending.

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