Here Are 7 Bad Habits That Experts Say Are Actually Good For You

By Snow, Parent Herald February 17, 05:40 am

Many people try their best to refrain from doing well-known bad habits, to the extent that they would write little post-it reminders on the fridge door. But do you know that not all these bad habits bring about adverse negative effects. Here are seven bad habits which you should not feel guilty about in case you accidentally do them.

Not taking a shower

If you skipped a shower because you're too tired or were late, don't worry. In a report by Real Buzz, excessive bathing, using harsh soaps and using hot water for a shower can dry up the skin. So when you missed bathing this morning, think of your skin recovering from the daily hot showers that you have been taking.


"Oopss... I did it again." Don't scold yourself much when you unconsciously bite on your nails. According to ProfessorTim Spector of the Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London, you are recycling microbes and adding a few more whenever you touch your mouth. In effect, you are helping your body to build up immunity. So, don't be scared of bacteria because it can be your friend.

Not washing hands often

Many moms go crazy when kids don't wash their hands before eating. However, according to Professor Spector, just like with biting nails, a bit of dirt on the fingers can increase your exposure to bacteria which can in fact boost your immune system.

Forgetting to brush teeth immediately after a meal

If you forgot to brush your teeth, it's not the end of the world. In fact, it is suggested that you brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after eating. There are certain acids which can erode your teeth such as those from citrus fruits, and, the erosion process is sped up when you brush immediately after eating. To be safe, remember the 30-minute rule.

Not making the bed immediately upon waking up

Do you know that you are incubating favorable conditions for dust mites to thrive when you immediately make your bed right after you wake up? In Mirror's report, the best advice of Dr. Athreya, a dermatologist, is to aerate the bed, fluff the pillows and expose the mattress for a few hours before making the bed.

Not using the hand sanitizer

You won't end up in the hospital if you failed to use the hand sanitizer after handling something "dirty." In fact, Professor Spector said that "By using antibacterial santitizer, you are replacing valuable microbes with harsh chemicals, which can lead to allergies and weaken the immune system."

Chewing gum

If you see your son chewing a gum after dinner, don't bother scolding him as he is merely helping his mouth to produce saliva, which is the natural defense of the mouth against acid. It also helps in reducing tooth decay. Just make sure that the gum he's chewing is sugar-free.

Remember, these seven bad habits are good for you. Just don't overdo them. Too much of something can also be bad.

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