Inside The World Of Chelsea Clinton; Being A Daughter And A Mom

By Jackie , Parent Herald February 17, 05:20 am

On Monday, Feb. 15, Chelsea Clinton was cradling her baby bump in Cleveland while trying to win votes for her mother Hillary Clinton. Donning in casual jeans, flannel shirt and a black blazer, she made a speech in favor of her mother's candidacy for president.

But who is really Chelsea Clinton? All people know is that this young Clinton is pregnant with her second baby and she's been working hard on the campaign trail for her mother. So, to provide more insights about this young woman, let's step back, forget about politics for a while and look at her as a woman with a lovely family.

Chelsea Clinton on how motherhood has changed her perspective.

Clinton, who grew up in politics said her perspective about this year's election was shaped by her motherhood. "This election just feels that much more urgent to me," she said via 89.7. "Because whoever we elect as our next president will be stewarding our country and our world and have such a profound impact."

Chelsea Clinton On her 16-month-old daughter, Charlotte.

Just like any other parents, Chelsea is helping her daughter Charlotte to build brainpower. "My husband [Marc Mezvinsky] and I read to Charlotte every night, and when her grandparents [Hillary and Bill Clinton] come over, they read to her as well," she shared to PEOPLE. "It's so important that little kids, kids like Charlotte's age, and kids your age, Elmo, be read to and talked to and sung to. It helps their brains develop."

Chelsea Clinton on her mother, Hillary Clinton.

The brunette beauty once admitted that she sees her mom more than just a parental figure. "I feel so strongly about my mom now too because I am a mom," she told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview. "I didn't know that I could love and admire and respect my mom anymore until I became a mom."

She is so excited about her having a second child.

"I very much hope we'll be able to welcome Charlotte's little sister or little brother as a healthy happy, giggly little person this summer," she said.

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