Infant Dies after Drinking Mom's Drug-Laced Milk

By Camille H, Parent Herald September 04, 12:58 pm

An eight-month old baby boy from California passed away after drinking his mother's drug-laced milk, according to NY Daily News.

Ryder Salmen overdosed on Xanax, methadone and painkiller Opana, the Sacramento Bee reported.

At first, the little boy's death remained a mystery.

The Citrus Heights police found the infant dead at an apartment after receiving a call about an unresponsive child.

Toxicology reports later on revealed a poisonous cocktail of drugs killed the child, said the police who responded at the crime scene.

The Sacramento County District Attorney has already charged the infant's 32-year old mother, Sarah Ann Stephens with second-degree murder and felony child endangerment.

Stephens intentionally fed the boy lethal milk, police authorities told NY Daily News. Alam Salmen, Ryder's grandfather said his family knew the baby was in trouble so they fought for custody.

"We reached out. We knew what was going on, 'please give him to us'. If you don't have time or don't want to do it, please we're here," Salmen told Fox 40.

Stephens retained half custody of Ryder even after an accidental overdose put the baby boy, then two months old, in the hospital. When Salmen's family saw Ryder back then, he was suffering from frequent withdrawals from the drugs.

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