A New Website Is Developed To Keep Parents Updated On Risky Teen Trends

When John Michels heard about the case of two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin who stabbed their friend 19 times to please a fictional character called 'Slenderman', he knew he had to do something to keep parents in the loop of the latest teen trends. Along with Tim Sabens, they created the website called CarefulParents.

"My goal behind the site was to create a resource for parents to share what they already knew, but also to educate themselves on things that they didn't know across a broad range of categories," Michels told Fox 8 News. This website is very useful for parents since teen trends constantly change and evolve from time to time.

Many parents allow their teens to do whatever they want online because of their busy schedules and lack of knowledge about the latest teen trends and technology.

The informative website also includes content on the meaning behind slang terms, song lyrics that are popular among teens and potentially harmful downloadable apps. The site can also teach parents about harmful teen trends such as the Duct Tape Challenge and Dew Shine Drinking trends.

Parents can join CarefulParents for free. Members can contribute the things that they know about the latest teen trends and there is also a forum where parents can share their thoughts, experiences and advices with each other.

New Leaf Academy of Oregon also shared some tips on how to protect teens online. Talking to kids about the dangers of giving personal information online, telling the teens to never trust any person online, teaching teens how to report inappropriate behavior from social media, careful monitoring of teens' online and mobile use, proper use of privacy settings and software tools.

These intend to limit, monitor and block potentially dangerous contents online -- giving you some of the most effective ways to protect teens from dangerous trends, apps and websites.

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