Kanye West Twitter Rants: Psychologist Explains Rapper's Behavior

Kanye West's crazy tweets have become viral. Many people are fascinated and perplexed by the superstar rapper's social media behavior.

Medical Daily spoke with Psychologist and San Diego State University professor Dr. Jean Twenge about the reasons behind the Kanye West Twitter rants. Twenge is also the author of "The Narcissism Epidemic" which tackles the traits of narcissistic people.

"We can compare the characteristics of narcissistic people to some of Kanye West's tweets," Twenge told Medical Daily. "Many of his tweets are classic examples of these characteristics."

Some of the narcissistic traits that Kanye West displays is his grandiosity, sense of entitlement, acting aggressively towards others and his difficulty to understand and be empathetic to other people. A feeling that the world would be a better place if you are its ruler is another sign of narcissism.

Mayo Clinic says that narcissistic people are perceived as conceited, overconfident, proud, boastful and pretentious. They also like being the center of attention, constantly talk about themselves and badly treat people they perceive to be inferiors.

However, mental health journalist and counselor Kathleen Smith has an alternative opinion on the Kanye West Twitter rants. "I think it can be very tempting for people to make assumptions about someone's mental health based on their social media presence," Smith told Medical Daily.

"But the reality is that unless you're standing in front of them and observing and asking good questions, then it's really just a shot in the dark," Smith added. She also said that Kanye West might be intentionally trying to post crazy Tweets because he knows that these posts will be controversial and make him more famous.

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