Newborn Sleep Facts: 3 Surprising Things Parents Need To Know About Baby Sleep

By Daniel, Parent Herald March 07, 06:20 am

Baby sleep confuses new parents because the sleeping patterns of newborns and infants are very different from adults'. Because of this confusion about baby sleep, new parents find it very difficult to take care of themselves and their babies

Baby Center shared some facts about baby sleep. Hopefully, knowing these baby sleep facts can help parents have an easier and simpler time caring for themselves and their newborn baby.

1. Some babies are awake all night and sleep all day.

Most parents work all day and sleep all night while some babies do it the other way around. For this reason, many parents become sleep deprived which compromises their health and work performance.

Instead of sleep depriving yourself, you should take lots of naps throughout the day and night. "You can get incredible benefits from 15 to 20 minutes of napping," Sara C. Mednick, PhD, told WebMD. "You reset the system and get a burst of alertness and increased motor performance."

2. Baby sleep is inconsistent and unpredictable.

Baby sleep is usually 14 to 18 hours per day in the first week of life and 12 to 16 hours when the baby turns one-month-old. However, most babies do not sleep for more than four hours at a time. Newborns pile up those hours of baby sleep throughout the day but the sleep schedule is usually very erratic which is why parents need to be spontaneous and flexible with their daily schedule.

3. Baby sleep does not require peace and quiet.

Adults desire peace and quiet before they fall asleep. However, newborn baby sleep does not work this way.

Parents are therefore not required to whisper and tiptoe around when their baby is sleeping. But after passing through the newborn phase or when the baby reaches three-months-old, sights and sounds during baby sleep are going to matter more and more.

What other surprising things about baby sleep have you experienced with your newborn? Share them on the comments section below.

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