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Parents' Bad Habits Are Bad For Health

Parenting  3 May '17

The Parenting Habits Making Moms And Dads Sick: Recognize These Signs

Does some of the habits seem familiar to you, parents? This is a wake-up call to change what's bad for the sake of you health!

Napercise For Parents

Parenting  30 April '17

Workout For Tired Parents: Gym Offers 'Napercise' Class To Reinvigorate Exhausted Moms And Dads

Parents come to this gym for napercise, where they do 15-minute stretches and sleep for 45 minutes.

Sleep Deprivation Among Parents

Parenting  24 April '17

Sleep Deprivation: Here's How Parents Who Lack Sleep Affect Their Kids

The physical and mental strains of sleep deprivation in parents impact their kids in ways moms and dads might not even be aware of, so here's a good breakdown of the effects.

How To Cope With The Tough Stuff That Goes With Parenting

Family Life  8 February '17

Managing Parenting Stress: Surviving The Tough Stuff And Challenges Of Parenthood

Being a parent can be fun but actual parenting can come with many challenges, most of them unexpected.

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Health  30 November '16

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Does staying up late cause severe damage to children's developing brain?

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

Body  17 October '16

Here's Why Preschoolers Are Getting Fat: Study Reveals Sleep Deprivation In Kids Linked To Heavy Eating

Studies have already indicated that there is a link between lack of sleep and indulging in food. Experts say that this problem can also affect preschool children.

Tokyo Baristas And Art Of Coffee

Body  18 June '16

Coffee Benefits: Caffeine Can Boost Your Performance, Sleep Better And See The Results

Coffee is the most available performance stimulating beverage there is. Here is how lack of sleep affects the effects of caffeine to the body.


Health/Nutrition  18 May '16

Parenting Guide: Every New Mom's Effective Solution To Cure Insomnia

New moms often suffer from lack of sleep because of child-rearing. Here are some ways to solve the insomniac dilemma.

China's National People's Congress - Second Plenary Meeting

Body  10 May '16

Women Get More Sleep Than Men; Not Getting Enough Sleep Can Leave You ‘Functionally Drunk’

A new study reveals that females get more sleep than males while lack of sleep can make people feeling drunk.

Car And Plane Enthusiasts Gather For The Annual RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

Body  10 May '16

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation: Inadequate Sleep May Lower Breast Cancer Survival Chances, Study Suggests

A data analysis of more than 21,000 women shows a link between lack of sleep and breast cancer prognosis.

FIFA Executive Committee Meeting Press Conference

Body  3 May '16

Why Poor Sleep Is Bad For Your Heart & Nutrition

Two new studies reveal that poor sleeping habits could lead to heart issues and higher cholesterol levels.

Chinese Shoppers Make The Most Of IKEA's Open Bed Policy

Body  26 April '16

Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation: Lack Of Sleep Can Lower Body's Good Cholesterol, Study Suggests

Discover how inadequate sleep can harm your health.

Reading Initiative For Refugee Children Launch

Parenting  18 April '16

Science Journalists Emily Willingham, Tara Haelle Debunk Common Parenting Misconceptions

Two science journalists shed light on some common parenting misconceptions. The bulk of their findings is featured in their new parenting book, entitled "The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource For Your Child's First Four Years."

Medics Train For Combat Casualty Care At Miami Hospital

Health/Nutrition  13 April '16

3 Reasons Why Getting Enough Sleep Is Important To Stay Healthy

Sleep deprivation is currently the most common and pervasive unhealthy behavior among American adults today. That’s why it is very important to get a good night’s sleep every night for health reasons.

A Week With The Orlando Solar Bears

Health/Nutrition  8 April '16

Sleep Deprivation Vs. Obesity: Lack Of Sufficient Sleep Outranks Obesity As America’s Major Health Crisis

Many people think that obesity is the most alarming health crisis in the United States. However, a new research revealed that sleep deprivation has become the most common unhealthy practice among Americans today.

Luxury in Palma de Mallorca

Health/Nutrition  8 April '16

Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation In Teens Who Drive Highlighted In New Study

At least 68 percent of kids in grades nine to 12 admit they get less hours of sleep than recommended.

Sleep deprived woman

Health/Nutrition  1 April '16

Sleep Deprivation Is The Same With Being Drunk - Just Like You're Under The Influence Of Alcohol

Latest study has shown that lack of sleep is the same with being drunk.

Toddler's bedtime excuses

Toddler  23 March '16

Toddlers' Sleeping Excuses: Mom Shares Clever Excuses Her Toddler Gives For Not Going To Sleep

Toddler has a list of clever excuses to make sleeping time a fun time.

Man Sleeping Peacefully

Health/Nutrition  19 March '16

Which Sleeping Position is Best For You?

Different sleeping positions have pros and cons you should know about.

Reportage alongside Sonia Rochel, a pediatric nursing assistant in Paris, France

Parenting  19 March '16

More Dads Are Losing Sleep To Change Baby Diapers

More modern day fathers are sleep deprived from changing nappies at night, according to consumer analysts.

Newborn Baby

Infant  7 March '16

Newborn Sleep Facts: 3 Surprising Things Parents Need To Know About Baby Sleep

Discover some surprising facts about newborn baby sleep!

Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

Food  3 March '16

Study Shows that Sleeping Prevents Junk Food Cravings

A new study says that sleep deprivation leads to junk food cravings. Researchers found that people with lack of sleep have increased appetite to unhealthy foods.

Schlaflosigkeit, Frau kann nicht schlafen

Health/Nutrition  22 February '16

US Sleep Patterns: 1 Out Of 3 American Adults Suffer Lack Of Sleep, Statistics Show

Learn more details about sleep pattern variations based on race, education, marital status and location.

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