PlayStation VR Release Date, Price & Games: All Your Questions Answered [Roundup]

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald March 17, 01:19 am

Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation VR is launching in late 2016. The tech company's first virtual reality headset will allow gamers to play video games with a head-mounted device that will change the way they experience gaming. Here's what you should know about PlayStation VR:

How much is the PSVR?

Sony has revealed that the PSVR is going to cost $399. It is the cheapest of all virtual reality headsets announced this year, such as the Oculus and HTC Vine, per a previous Parent Herald report.

How do I use the PlayStation VR?

The headset will come with the processor, earbuds, USB and HDMI cables, headset connection adapter, AC adapter and power cord.

You will need to attach the PlayStation VR to a PlayStation 4 console and a camera. Both these gadgets are sold separately from the headset. You might also want to use different controllers for PSVR. For the accessories' specs and prices, check the official PlayStation site.

For an idea into the hardware specifications of the PSVR, check the details provided by Sony in the press release.

What games can I play?

There will be 50 games set for the PSVR this year and among the games already confimed in the lineup are "RIGS Mechanized Combat League,"  "Eagle Flight," "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood," "Rez Infinite, EVE: Valkyrie," "PlayStation VR Worlds," "Tumble VR," "Headmaster," "Superhypercube," "Robinson: The Journey, Wayward Sky"  and "The Playroom VR." Also expected to be in the lineup is "Star Wars: Battlefront."

Gamespot reports that all existing games from the PlayStation 4 that have not been enhanced for virtual reality technology may be played in the PlayStation VR through the cinematic mode.

What is the PSVR like?

The video below demonstrates the experience of playing games using PlayStation VR:

What else can the PSVR do?

Apart from gaming, the PlayStation VR's cinematic mode has the ability to present photos at 360-degrees viewing. The device can also stream videos as a large virtual screen.

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