Causes And Natural Remedies For Upset Stomach In Dogs

By Diane Ting, Parent Herald March 18, 06:00 am

Upset stomachs in dogs may not have the same remedies as do with people. Here are tips on how to make your dog feel better with natural remedies.

An upset stomach in dogs may be more common than most people think typically because dogs are curious with different food and non-food items. The number one cause of upset stomach in dogs is eating something they should not have.

Many veterinarians reported that one of the primary reasons for upset stomach in dogs is eating houseplants. Many houseplants are toxic to dogs, which can cause the discomfort in the stomach.

Stress or separation anxiety may also cause an upset stomach due to bacteria imbalance and food sensitivities in the stomach. In some cases, an upset stomach may be a symptom of an underlying issue.

Common symptoms that a dog is not feeling well due to an upset stomach include diarrhea and vomit. In other cases, lack of energy, tucked ears or the absence of an appetite can all be signs of an upset stomach in dogs.

1.     Fasting

The best thing to do during an upset stomach in dogs is to do nothing for 12 to 24 hours. Withholding food for that long is fine especially when the body and stomach are already having a hard time to digest things, according to Pet MD.

2.     Keep him hydrated

One of the most important things is to keep your furry friend hydrated at all times, especially when an upset stomach is combined with diarrhea, according to Canine Journal. However, keep in mind that giving him too much water may do more harm than good so make sure to monitor water intake.

3.     Give him bone broth

Bone broth can be one of the most powerful food items to soothe and heal an upset stomach. Simmer meat with bone or whole organic chicken with water in a crockpot until the marrow is released in the water. Although creating bone broth can take a day to make, this remedy can make your dog feel better in an instant.

4.     Food additions

Specific superfoods such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and bananas are gentle foods that can help settle an upset stomach. Many of these mentioned foods have low glycemic index, which absorbs slowly to help with stomach upsets and indigestion.

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