Bilingual Learning: Top 7 Spanish/English Apps And Websites For Your Kids

Most people especially the children have the ability to learn more than one language. There are many advantages of having bilingual learning. These include learning new words in categories, having a good listening skill and having more refined interpersonal skills. It is advisable then to equip your children to have bilingual learning.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association reports that over 5 individual with age more than 5 years old (21 percent) can speak another language besides English at home. Children can learn the uses of the second language based on the sounds of the first language. Parenting shares the following bilingual learning that includes Spanish/ English app and websites that you and your children may check out:

1.   Duolingo

Duolingo is rated Apple's iPhone app of the year. You can surf this app for free. It will teach you another language in a practical and fun way.

2.  Highlights High Five Bilingue

The site is for kids ages 2 to 6. It equips the toddler to read and speak Spanish and English using online audio.

3.  Colorin Colorado

Many experts recommend Colorin Colorado website for children in grades K-12. They provide teaching strategies, videos, information and webcasts for parents about bilingual learning particularly English and Spanish.

4.  Ana Lomba's Spanish for Kids; The Red Hen

The head of the Early Learning Center at Avenues, Nancy Schulman suggests the Ana Lomba's Spanish for kids in teaching children to speak English or Spanish. You can make an account for free.

5.  ABC Spanish Spelling Magic

ABC Spanish Spelling Magis is for free for iPad and iPhone users. It helps the children read and spell using phonics.

6.  Brain Pop Espanol

This site would help your children learn about science, art, math and historical events. This comes in the Spanish version.

7.   Muuzii

In Muuzii, the children can access the "Muuzii School" wherein your children the language using flashcards. They also have short children's stories in both Spanish and English. They also provide the Word of the Day.

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