Parental Awareness: A New Study Reveals That Many Children Of Today Experience A Psychological Disorder

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald March 23, 07:10 am

A study shows that one in seven children have psychological disorders. These include development, mental and behavioral problems. The study was led by the researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention and issued in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Huffington Post reports that researchers examined the data of over 35,000 children with ages 2 to 8. They evaluated the responses of parents regarding their children's learning disabilities and language problems. They also examine the reports of children with ADHD, depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

The outcome shows that more boys are affected than girls. Children who have low-income family earners and parents who have mental disorders are also distressed the most. They also found out that children with psychological disorders did not receive thorough and constant medical care access.

Each state is prevalent of children with the psychological disorder. Washington D.C. had an increased rate of poor parental mental health. It had the same rate with Kentucky and Arkansas.

On the other hand, California had 10.6 percent children with the psychological disorder which is the lowest rate of disorder. "Based on the number of kids affected, this is something we need to pay attention to," Jennifer Kaminski, lead author of the study and a team leader for child development studies at CDC said.

WebMD reports that the real cause of psychological disorder in children is unknown. Hence, researchers said that this might be heredity (genetics), head traumas, psychological trauma such as abuses and environmental stress. 

Some of the general symptoms of a psychological disorder in children are having poor grades or low school performance, assertive to authorities, stealing, skipping school, loss of interest in friends, isolation, excessive worrying and anxiety, hyperactivity, night terrors, aggressive behavior and disobedience. To find out more about child behavioral disorders, watch the video below:

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