Building Self-Esteem: 5 Ways To Build Your Child's Confidence

By Mai Peralta, Parent Herald March 27, 05:30 am

Helping your child build their self-esteem will help them face challenges in the long run. A high self-esteem will help build confident and competent individuals. Letting your child develop a positive self-image early will help them face the various challenges they will be facing as they are growing up.

However, self-esteem doesn't always mean commending your child for every little accomplishment. Here are some tips to help build your child's confidence.

1. Be a good role model

Children often look up to their parents and imitate what they do. They will rely on to you for the first few years of their life and projecting positive images that your child will emulate can help in building their own self-esteem in the future.

According to Ask Dr. Sears, projecting positive feelings as a parent will help your child strengthen their own self-worth. Additionally, they will distinctly notice negative reflection for when they behave badly.

2. Don't overpraise

Praising kids is often a good way to help your children know that they are loved and needed. However, overpraising kids may not be a good idea for building self-esteem. Todays Parent notes that complimenting your children too often for every little thing will not push them to do their best. Additionally, when children are addicted to praise, they lose the will to try because they think they're not doing a good job.

3. Let your child make mistakes

As someone more experienced, you know how important it is to make mistakes because there are lessons for him to learn behind it. As much as you would want to protect your child from the dangers of the world, doing so will not help in building self-esteem.

Give them choices, let them take risks and they will inevitably make mistakes, Baby Center notes. The most important thing is you encourage them and comfort them that mistakes are okay sometimes.

4. Don't make comparisons

When you have several children, you will quickly learn that they will have different personalities. There are some that may be more appealing to you as a parent and as a result, comparisons will inevitably hoappen. Parents say that it is better to let your children grow into their personalities instead of berating them for their individuality because it is good for building self-esteem.

5. Be empathic

Kids get frustrated, especially when they see one of their peers doing well in a certain activity. Instead of coddling them, emphasize instead their other good qualities as this will help them realize their own strengths and weaknesses in the future.

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