Minecraft Effect On Kids: The Pros And Cons Of Allowing Kids To Play The Video Game

By Jackie Pasaol, Parent Herald March 30, 08:52 am

There are loads of parents who are frustrated with pulling their hair off over their children's addiction for playing Minecraft. Moreover, there are a lot of concerned parents, baffled, why their kids are so crazy about this type of game.

As far as some parents know, Minecraft is full of positive things than can provide a wonderful experience for their children. But is it really all good? To provide some insights, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons about allowing kids to play Minecraft.

The Pros of allowing kids to play Minecraft

It can improve academic performance. According to Popsugar, allowing kids to play Minecraft can help them improve their abstract thinking and problem-solving skills. More so, Minecraft can help kids solve problems efficiently.

It can teach a child how to face challenges. Dean Groom, a teacher and gamer said that kids can learn a lot of positive things from playing Minecraft. One of the things the child can learn is how to handle challenges.

"Parents can be the pushing factor in the process of learning while playing," he explained to babble. He said while kids are playing Minecraft, parents can challenge their kids by simply asking, "How high can you build a tower." 

It can improve self-esteem. Dr. Mark Griffiths, a psychology professor said to Livestrong, educational games like completing a virtual level can improve the children's self-esteem. Likewise, it can urge kids to take productive risks in the near future.

The cons of allowing kids to play Minecraft

Kids can lose track of time. Let's admit it, Minecraft can suck kids' time. Kids can become so obsessed with the game that they can easily forget their home works and household chores. Even finding a moment to use a toilet can become difficult for your kids.

Players often become obsessed. Minecraft is full of surprises and challenges. Hence, it is not surprising that the game is engrossing for many kids, to the point that they become so obsessed.

Is your kid a Minecraft addict? If he is, what are the things your kid have learned from playing Minecraft? Please share it with us.

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