Parenting Tips: 15 Normal Things That Parents Shouldn't Be Sorry For

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald March 31, 09:20 pm

Most of the time, you will spend time with your kid as they grow up. There are certain normal things that you will encounter while attending to and nurturing your children. Other times, some people would not understand. With this, there is no need to apologize, even though someone would likely make you feel guilty.

MSN and PopSugar share the following things that parents shouldn't be sorry for. Brace yourself and say, "I'm not sorry!"

1. If your baby cries in public places, that is a normal thing. Baby cries and people must be used to it.

2. You can breastfeed or bottle feed anywhere. Babies need to eat, too!

3. If your toddler wants to cross dress, let them do so. So many parents have gone viral for supporting their children with whatever they want to do.

4. Never be sorry for disciplining your kids. Not only is this necessary in a kid's early stage, but this will avoid them from sticking to nasty behaviors as they grow older -- break the habit while it's early. 

5. Children are unpredictable. This very hour they behave, the next hour they would do something that might shock you. It is natural that you will be annoyed at times.

6. Sometimes, they're better off not knowing some things just yet. Your toddler might ask, "Mom, where does a baby come from?" Answering questions like these could be tricky -- they should know the truth, but it isn't appropriate for them just yet. In these sorts of instances, it's okay to tell a little white lie. 

7. If you are happy, your children will be happy too. But don't burn yourself out too much -- remember to take time and pamper yourself as a reward for all your hard work as a mom.

8. Take your children to a restaurant. This will teach them to have proper table manners and enhance his demeanor when in public places.

9. Treat and go to an ice cream parlor occasionally. This would not be harmful to their health if it is not always done.

10. If there's a need to work, do not be ashamed to be a working parent.

11. Sometimes, you just have to let it out. Just cry when parenting gets to be too much.

12. Don't feel bad if you can't cook. Takeouts are great -- they excite the children and give everyone a break from the norm of food choices in the house. Don't be sorry if you can't find the time to whip something up in the kitchen today cause takeouts are meant to keep you from?

13. Travelling with children is fun. Of course, you wouldn't like to leave your children at home.

14. Sometimes you can decline an invitation because of your busyness. There's no way around it sometimes and that's okay. 

15. Never sorry for being protective of your children. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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