De-Stress Techniques: How To Help Your Child De-Stress In Life

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald March 27, 07:53 pm

Stress is plaguing these modern times. Parents are not only the ones who are affected by stressful situations but also their children. De-stressing your children is a must so as not to lead this to any mental health condition such as depression and anxiety.

Life's Pressures

People might think that children are carefree who only loves to play and think of rainbows and stars. Hence, children also undertake difficulties in life that you probably don't notice. Things that are beyond your control can lead to anxiety and stress. Children might experience stress when they don't have control during mealtime, difficulties in studies, bedtime, losing a friend or leaving Disneyland.

Meltdown Mode

You have to equip your children on how to de-stress by teaching them some calming techniques. CNN and Net mums suggested some kid-friendly ways to help your kids de-stress in life:

1.   Meditation

If your kid is angry or anxious, you try a type of meditation that is called mindfulness. "It's about focusing on the body's physical sensations, as opposed to the mind's runaway thoughts and feelings," said Danny Dreyer, a mind-body educator in Asheville, North Carolina and co-author of "Chi Running." It works in this way. Ask your child to think of a snow globe and shake it. Tell your child that when you shake a snow globe you cannot see clearly. This is what happens when your mind is full of negative thoughts. On the other hand, when you pause your feeling is settled and you can focus. Then shift his mind to one physical sensation such as thinking about his hands and what they can do. Focus on them for 5 to 10 breaths.

You may also teach your child to meditate through praying. Let your child tell everything what he feels and what he thinks to God. Then close his eyes and breathe.

2.  Deep Breathing

Let your child sit or lie down and tell him to breath in and out of his nose. This would make his belly fill up with air and discharges again. Taking a deep breath can relax him and makes his blood pressure slow down, heart beats slowly and the muscles release tension. You may do this before your child will take a big test or do his assignments or need a break.

3.    Listening to Music

Let your child listen to music. This can lower his heartbeat, stress hormone levels and blood pressure. You let him do this when is in freak-out looms or if he wakes up at midnight.

4.  Visualization

Give your kid time to imagine when he is in a sad mood or before going to a new class. One of the things that are good to imagine are the bubbles. Let him visualize bubbles fill with negative feelings as they go away up in the air.


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