Playground Injuries: Rate Of Kids Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury At The Playground Is Increasing, Study Finds

By Daniel Joseph, Parent Herald May 03, 06:44 am

Playgrounds should be a source of fun and joy for kids and families. Unfortunately, a new study shows that there has been an increase in the rate of kids suffering from traumatic brain injury while playing at the playground.

The research team at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control studied the rate of playground injuries of kids under 14-years-old. The researchers found out that there has been a great increase in cases of traumatic brain injury diagnosis, ABC News reports.

The study authors believe that there are two possible reasons for the increase in traumatic brain injury rate of kids while playing at the playground. The first possible reason for the rise of playground injuries is an increase in the amount of kids' playground time at home or at school.

The second possible reason for the rise in diagnosis of playground injuries is the increase of public awareness about traumatic brain injury. "It is also plausible that heightened public awareness of TBI and concussions has prompted parents to seek medical care for their children in the event of a head injury, when previously they would not have done so," the study authors noted.

Preventive measures should be taken in order to protect kids from suffering traumatic brain injury at the playground. Parents and teachers should make sure that playgrounds are free from hazards, the equipment is in good condition and there are adults  to supervise at all times in order to prevent playground injuries, NAEYC suggests.

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