Artificial Intelligence INVADES Fast Food: How AI Technology Could Change The Way Humans Dine

Artificial intelligence (AI) first emerged in the late 1940s. But today, AI is transforming most if not all industries, including the foodservice industry. In fact, a company called Momentum Machines has created an AI-driven robot that can make one burger from scratch every 10 seconds in an hour.

The Future of Fast Food: Artificial Intelligence Comes To KFC

Artificial intelligence technology are looking for ways to transform the fast food industry and KFC introduces this innovation in its new store branch in Shanghai, China. According to Daily Mail, KFC has launched "Dumi," the fast food chain's AI robot that is smart enough to handle order changes and substitutes but Dumi can't distinguish other dialects or accents.

KFC's new concept store that houses Dumi is called "Original+," a collaboration between the fast food chain and Chinese web service, Baidu. The restaurant is located at the National Exhibition Convention Center.

KFC and Baidu reportedly named the store "Original+" in honor of the company's traditional recipe, The Nanfang reports. The artificial intelligence-run restaurant opened on Apr. 25 and featured wireless charging stations.

Artificial Intelligence Invades Domino's Pizza

Aside from KFC, Domino's Pizza in New Zealand is also reportedly incorporating artificial intelligence in its delivery service through a robot dubbed as Robotic Unit (DRU) that can self-drive up to 12.5 miles, The Telegraph reveals. Domino's AI robot is a three-foot tall battery-powered unit that contains a heated compartment for storing up to 10 pizzas.

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's CEO Andy Puzder, on the other hand, is showing some interest in using artificial intelligence to run a fast-food restaurant. The idea comes after Puzder visited the fully automated Californian restaurant, Eatsa.

Artificial Intelligence Threatens Foodservice Labor Force

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and technology innovations in the fast food industry, is foodservice labor force in danger? AI is not only invading food prep, it is also encroaching upon customer service, with restaurants using iPads for food ordering and AI-driven food servers.

With that said, artificial intelligence has the potential to eliminate foodservice labor force. Since minimum wage proposals and the labor costs have increased across the United States, it's not difficult to see where the AI path in foodservice industry is going, NACS Online.

Artificial Intelligence Role In Service Industry

Experts, however, claimed that the goal of artificial intelligence in the service industry is not to cut jobs. Instead, AI-driven robots will serve as a companion in helping to perform entry-level tasks more efficiently.

"The ability to automate is cutting into what we can do with our entry-level employees," Conexxus Annual Conference keynote speaker and practical futurist Michael Rogers. "We need to think about more interesting ways to use people."

Artificial Intelligence In Amusement Parks

Aside from changing how the humans dine, artificial intelligence will also make its presence known in a Japanese amusement park by adding a robotic realm in July.

The Dutch-themed amusement park, Huis Ten Bosch, is located in Nagasaki, Japan. Admission to the artificial intelligence-driven robot kingdom is expected to cost $59.33 for adults, as per Nikkei Asian Review.

In addition, the amusement park also houses an AI-run hotel called Henn-na Hotel that opened last year. It features 72 rooms, three customer-service robots and one "service bot" that is capable of serving guests with coffee and perform other tasks. The hotel stay costs at $62.00 per night and a twin room from $80 per night, a separate Telegraph article reports.

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