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Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives In DC Area, To Be Permanently Housed At Smithsonian

Music.Art.STEM  2 December '16

Singapore Students Are Most STEM-Savvy In The World: What Does America Need To Improve On?

All over the world, students in Singapore are the best in both math and science in each tested grade level. How do they do it?

Pikachu Outbreak Festival 2016 In Yokohama

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  22 November '16

‘Pokemon GO’ News, Latest Tricks, Tips: Do You Really Want THIS Niantic Update? Lapras Spawning Immediately Halted In Japan?

'Pokemon GO' from Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company has a new update to which may Pokemon trainers may react, while the Lapras spawning event in Japan was halted.

‘Pokemon Go’ News And Updates: ‘Pokemon Go Lapras’ Event Aims To Boost Tourism On Tsunami-Devastated Areas in Japan!

Dads  18 November '16

‘Pokemon Go’ News And Updates: ‘Pokemon Go Lapras’ Event Aims To Boost Tourism On Tsunami-Devastated Areas in Japan!

"Pokemon Go Lapras" event is on-going in the Tohoku region in Japan!

‘Neko Atsume’ , The Popular Japanese Cat Collecting Mobile Game, Gets Adapted Into A Live-Action Movie! Nyan Cat Approves!

TV/ Movie  9 November '16

‘Neko Atsume’ , The Popular Japanese Cat Collecting Mobile Game, Gets Adapted Into A Live-Action Movie! Nyan Cat Approves!

"Neko Atsume", the popular Japanese cat collecting mobile game gets a live-action movie adaptation.

'Final Fantasy Legends II'

Dads  4 November '16

'Final Fantasy Legends II' Release Updates; Available For Smartphones In Japan Only?

"Final Fantasy Legends II", a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, is set to be released exclusively to Japan. Though no gameplay has been revealed yet, a trailer in Japanese has been released.

Amazon Offers All-New Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model In Japan!

Dads  22 October '16

Amazon Offers All-New Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model In Japan!

Amazon Offers All-New Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model In Japan! If the Kindel Paperwhite Manga Model is a success, hopefully it can be released globally.

One Piece

Dads  14 October '16

'One Piece' News: Eiichiro Oda Announces Manga Is Almost Complete; Oda To Editor 'Die For One Piece'

According to Eiichiro Oda, the "One Piece" manga is almost complete. Meanwhile, the creator told editors that they should die for "One Piece."

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Health  14 October '16

America’s Children & Adolescents, Among The Least Physically Fit Across 50 Countries

The U.S. is at the 47th spot out of 50 countries and Canada landed the 19th ranking. The top five nations with the fittest kids and teens are Tanzania, Iceland, Estonia, Norway and Japan.

Godzilla Resurgence

TV/ Movie  12 October '16

'Godzilla Resurgence' News: Toho Studios Is Already Working For The Next Godzilla Film In 12 Years; Reboot Includes Giant Monsters!

According to reports, "Godzilla Resurgence" also known as "Shin Godzilla" is opening in select US theaters this week.

Food Bank Distributes Aid As Demand Increases Amid Recession

Infant  6 October '16

Is Bed-Sharing With Babies Really Dangerous? Book Author Says Co-Sleeping Develops Children’s Self-Reliance & Social Maturity

Bed-sharing with babies has risks, but it also comes with benefits that a child will carry as he/she grows up. The author of "Parenting Without Borders" said, however, that children who shared beds with their parents are socially responsible and are self-reliant despite their young age.

Toyota Motor Corp Test-drives New Prius

Technology  4 October '16

Toyota Creates A Tiny Robot That Could Be Good For Companionship And Practicing Parenting

Lonely? Check out this tiny robot made by Toyota. This might be the answer to your problem.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Games  26 September '16

‘Pokémon Go’ Tips & Tricks: Can Players Hatch Rare Regional Pokémon Outside Of Their Region? Niantic CEO Debunks Claims

Can the four region-specific Pokémon be hatched from Eggs via walking? Niantic CEO John Hanke said that hatching region exclusive Pokémon out of Eggs is only possible if the Eggs are in their natural habitat.

NRC Rd 4 - Melbourne Rising v Brisbane City

Infant  22 September '16

Single Men In Japan Learn Parenting In Order To Find Love

Bachelors in Japan pay almost $300 a day to learn about parenting!

First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts Event For Spouses Of Government Leaders During UN General Assembly

School  21 September '16

Michelle Obama Hosts Broadway Concert To Push For Girls’ Education Across The World

Michelle Obama's Broadway event aims to help girls attend school and advance their education levels. There are 62 million girls around the world who do not attend school.

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

Games  6 September '16

Another ‘Pokémon GO’ Imminent? Sony ‘Aggressively’ Pursuing Mobile Gaming After ‘Game-Changer’ Success Of Nintendo

Sony is one of the tech firms hoping to follow Nintendo's successful footsteps in "Pokémon GO." Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai said he is "very interested" in the augmented reality game's "potential to really change the way people move, literally."

Scenes Of India

Body  30 August '16

Traditional Indian Food Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease By 50%, Experts Claimed

Low Alzheimer's risk can be attained by consuming fruits, grains, vegetables like legumes, fish, and low-fat dairy products. An additional 50 percent reduction in Alzheimer's risk was observed in people who commit to diets with low meat consumption such as India's.

Xbox VIP Gaming Event

Games  23 August '16

'Persona 5' News & Update: Upcoming Title Will Let You Visit A Maid Cafe; New Footage Released!

According to reports, Atlus released a new footage for "Persona 5" featuring the protagonist visiting a maid cafe. Check it out here.

The World's Most Realistic Love Dolls

Family Life  4 August '16

Child Abuse and Pedophilia :Can Child Sex Dolls & Robots Prevent Pedophiles From Abusing Real Kids?

Experts said child sex dolls could worsen the problem and would serve as "proxy" for the pedophiles. There would come a time that dolls and robots wouldn't be enough for pedophiles, forcing them to do extreme measures to satisfy their sexual yearnings.

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

Games  27 July '16

‘Pokémon Go’ Global News: Japan Urges Niantic To Remove Pokémons Found At The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Zone

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, or TEPCO, said it found Pokémon at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture, as well as at the Fukushima Daini and Fukushima Daiichi plants. Fukushima Gov. Masao Uchibori said it's not a good idea for Pokémon hunters to come into these dangerous areas.

Death Note

TV/ Movie  20 July '16

'Death Note: Light Up The New World' News and Updates: Second Trailer Dubbed as Intriguing, Plot Picks Up 10 Years After Previous Films

The second trailer for "Death Note: Light Up The New World" has been released by Warner Bros. Japan and it is being dubbed as intriguing.

Gaming Companies Highlight Their Latest Products At Annual E3 Game Industry Conference

Games  19 July '16

'Persona 5' News & Update: Atlus Releases New Footage Showing Off The Different Activities In The Gameplay And Additional Cooperation Characters; Watch It Here

'Persona 5' News & Update: Atlus Releases New Footage Showing Off The Different Activities In The Gameplay; Watch It Here

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

Games  15 July '16

'Pokemon Go' News Update: Buckingham Palace Infested with Rare to Find Pokemons

Buckingham Palace is reportedly infested with rare "Pokemon Go" creature!

The World Premiere Of Disney-Pixar's 'Finding Dory'

Dads  11 July '16

'Captain America: Civil War' Dethroned: Pixar's 'Finding Dory' Is Highest Grossing Domestic Movie Of 2016 With Over $420M

Headlined by Ellen DeGeneres, "Finding Dory" tells the story of the amnesiac, blue-tang fish Dory. With the help of her pals Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolence), Dory will brave the ocean as she tries to find her missing parents.

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