PS NEO Release News & Update: Sony Imposes 'Strict' Rules For PlayStation 4.5 Games; Console Out October?

Sony isn't about to cause a division among its PlayStation users. Following the rumored release of the upgraded PlayStation 4.5, also known as the PS NEO, the company is reportedly imposing "strict" rules for game developers. There are also strong hints that the new console will be in stores October.

Sony executives want game developers to follow its strict rules for developing PlayStation 4.5 games. While the gaming giant has yet to confirm the existence of an upgraded console, it has given guidelines for developers, per Daily Star.

PS NEO Must Co-Exist With PS4

Among these rules, Sony apparently told developers that the games they create for the PS NEO should still work with the existing PS4. It should still make use of current Dual Shock 4 controllers as Sony has no plans to release any other hardware or accessories exclusively for the PS4.5.

Games for the upgraded PlayStation 4 is expected to be visually superior due to the new consoles improved computer chips. However, gamers should still be able to play this in the lower version, as well as save the games cross-platform. So, if a player has a game for the PS4, he should still be able to save and use it, without losing any data, on the PS4.5.

The same rules about "co-existing" should also apply to games with online features and Sony imposes on developers that there shouldn't be a separate server exclusive for PS NEO gamers only. A complete detailing of the rules was posted on Eurogamer.

PS NEO Set For October Launch?

The company is requiring game developers to implement the rules for games that are launching this October. Buzz is going strong about the PS NEO's imminent release in the last quarter of the year. Sony has confirmed plans for the release of the PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) headset in October as well, hence gaming fans are optimistic about an October release for the PS NEO, which should work perfectly with PSVR. Per CNet, Sony might reveal more about the PS4.5 in June, during the E3 event.

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