"Paw-ternity Leave" : UK Considers Granting Pet Parents A Week Off Work To Take Care of Their Fur Babies

Pet owners are delighted upon knowing that they can take time off to take care of their pets. Some companies in the United Kingdom granted the approval of the pet owners' "paw-ternity" leave.

Pet parents can take their time off to look after their fur babies. A company in the United Kingdom, BitSol Solutions first implemented the paw-ternity leave. BitSol Solutions is headed by Greg Buchanan, wherein he's been pushing for paw-ternity leave.

Buchanan approval of paw-ternity leave granted employees their right to take care of their pets. Paw-ternity leave allows employees to take time off for a week, and their absence is being paid by the company.

According to PRI, Buchanan pushed for the paw-ternity leave as he is passionate when it comes to his pets. He took a week of to spend more time with his pet to train him so that he can leave his dog without worries.

"You know, we are quite sympathetic to pets in the UK, we're a pet-loving country, Buchanan said. "We have Raphael, who's named after a Ninja turtle, he's a Chinese hairless crested, and we also have Margo, a standard poodle. We got a puppy from a rescue home and we realized it needed to be looked after properly, so I took a week off to ensure it was welcomed into the home, and to set boundaries for the dogs. You know, 'You can't chew the couch' and 'You can't jump on the television,' things like that. And it went from there, and my dog is now better for it."

Mirror added that more or less 20 percent of pet owners in UK were granted to have their paw-ternity leave. The information was provided by one of the biggest pet insurance agency in the UK, Petplan. Most firms already embraced the paw-ternity leave, as treating pets as part of the family is already a something they are trying to consider.

Now that UK started to push for paw-ternity leave, will it be appropriate to have paid leaves for your pet? Do let us know about your take on the said paw-ternity leave by stating your views on the comment section below.

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